Paper Padded Mailers: When to Use Them

Need to send something small, fragile, or delicate through the post? Make sure you ship it in a container or envelope that offers the proper level of protection!

For instance, boxes are some of the most durable shipping containers in the freight industry. Used to ship everything from heavy raw materials to delicate consumer goods, boxes hold their shape well and are resistant to a wide range of stresses, logistical, and environmental factors.

But boxes are big, bulky, and expensive. What do you do when you need to ship something small and relatively fragile, but don’t want to either pay for the box or the freight charges that a box will incur?

You opt for something like a paper-padded mailer instead. Here’s what you need to know.

What Paper Padded Mailers Are Great for Shipping
Your average parcel is dropped or thrown more than once in the course of shipping it to its final destination, so it makes sense to offer a higher level of protection where necessary.

Paper padded mailers, which are available in a wide range of sizes (just like other envelopes and mailers) offer a little bit more rigid flexibility than standard paper envelopes.

They are typically made out of paperboard and some may feature additional padding or insulation. They are also frequently available in common standard sizes such as 6”x8”. 9”x11.5”, and 11”x13”.

These convenient and affordable yet practical paper mailers are ideal for shipping small, fragile items cost-effectively, while still providing a decent level of protection. Items that paper padded mailers are great for include:

● CDs, DVDs, and other disks
● Flash drives
● Jewelry
● Paper documents
● Cards
● Small books and catalogs
● Other small trinkets, collectibles, and consumer goods

Basically, padded paper or paperboard mailers can be the ideal solution for shipping anything small and fragile that doesn’t warrant the protection of more aggressive packaging like a box.

Layer Up the Protection
Looking to add a little more protection to whatever you’re shipping without upgrading the container? Simply wrap your items in a bit of bubble wrap before sealing them in the paper mailer. That will provide a little more cushioning material underneath the paper layer to give your goods better protection.

Opt for a Bubble Mailer
Are you concerned paperboard mailers won’t offer a high enough degree of protection for what you need to ship? Consider going with a poly bubble mailer instead. Bubble mailers, which are typically made of poly, are padded envelopes that have integral bubble insulation. These provide some of the best protection against knocks, drops, and tosses, at least as far as mailing envelopes are concerned.

Where Can You Get Quality Paper Padded Mailers at Low Prices?
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