Ping Golf Club Shafts Your Dad Would Love

It’s the time of the year again. Once school is out, the summer is in full swing, and everyone is starting to think of how they want to spend their summer, many soon realize there is a special day coming up. Father’s Day. Father’s Day is a day to spend time with your dad, grandfather, or any one man in your life that is a father-figure to you.

This day is to show appreciation for your dad when he came to help you change your tire or when he taught you how to mow the lawn or light a grill. Ok, enough dad stereotypes for now, but Father’ Day is a special day to really show how much you care and appreciate your Dad.

But, it’s pretty common between a lot of families that dad’s can be very hard to buy gifts for. Usually, a Father’s Day gift consists of a new tie, new power tools, or some sort of gear for their favorite sports team. While those are all wonderful gifts, this year, you need to pull out all the stops. Everyone has had a tough year, so why not go all out and surprise your dad for Father’s Day this year?

The best kind of gift is one that appeals to their hobbies or passions. If your dad loves to golf, then you’re in luck. Now is the best time to buy some new golfing equipment for your dad. Whether he’s on the golf course every weekend or enjoys going occasionally with his friends, any new golfing equipment would be the best choice for a Father’s Day gift this year.

So, if you know that your dad has had the same golf club for many years, this is the perfect opportunity to impress your dad and find him a beautiful new gold club that he can use for many years to come. I’m sure your dad would be very surprised to see you pick out an amazing new golf club shaft for him, all on your own.

But, if you are completely unfamiliar with how golf clubs or other golf equipment works, let’s break down how to find the right golf club shaft.

What to Look for in a Golf Club Shaft
While looking for a new golf shaft, it’s important to be able to distinguish how a shaft actually affects the player’s performance. A shaft can be the determining factor between a low fly golf ball or a high flying one. A shaft can also affect the ball’s speed when it’s struck.

There is also a difference between shafts, they are called aftermarket and stock. There are some significant differences that must be noted. Stock shafts usually take a 1-3 size fits all type of approach, which can be quite broad in terms of what sizes different players need. Stock shafts have a more generalized sizing versus aftermarket.

Aftermarket shafts are completely customizable and can be made to fit each player’s specific customizations and sizes. So, if you’re not sure where your dad stands in terms of sizing, maybe surprise him with a trip to the golf equipment store and let him help you pick out his new golf club shaft.

In terms of brands of golfing equipment, there are many to choose from. Although, one of the better brands that has amazing selections of golf shafts is from Ping. Ping golf club shafts are a great choice for your dad’s Father’s Day gift.

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