Popular Alternatives to 9mm Full Metal Jacket

When it comes to low-cost, high-volume target shooting, 9mm full metal jacket rounds are, more often than not, the way to go.

A 9mm full metal jacket round will offer decent radial symmetry for a high degree of accuracy, even at relatively extended ranges, making it perfect for competition.

Most 9mm FMJ rounds are also exceptionally consistent and offer optimal performance for most competitive applications.

On top of that, FMJ ammo tends to be relatively affordable when compared with alternatives like wadcutter and hollow-point bullets (not that you’d use the latter for target shooting, anyway) but still, price is a factor.

With that said, FMJ is not perfect in all scenarios. There are some situations in which relatively uncommon alternatives might actually be more suitable given certain circumstances, even though they might cost a bit more.

Here are two of these.

Total Synthetic Jacket

Total synthetic jacket, also sometimes referred to as TSJ, is a special type of ammo (in this case 9mm) in which case the bullet core is entirely coated in a synthetic polymer.

Encasing the bullet core in polymer helps prevent copper and lead from contacting the gun’s bore, in turn prevents fouling from both.

This is particularly impactful in reducing lead fouling, which can thickly coat a bore after a while and substantially impact accuracy.

TSJ also helps to reduce lead exposure to the handler and shooter, which, as you know, is beneficial because of the toxicity of lead.

Select total synthetic jacket 9mm rounds, like Federal American Eagle Syntech, are also made with primers that contain no lead.

This makes them even better for shooting and training at indoor ranges because they produce less lead vapor, which is also toxic.

All in all, despite the relatively higher cost, these types of jacketed ammo are superior to conventional FMJ ammo in the event that most of your training and competition is done indoors. Of course, some shooters might prefer it simply because it keeps your bore cleaner for longer, too.

If not, and you almost always shoot outdoors, stick to the FMJ – it’s more affordable anyway.

Frangible 9mm Ammo

There is another class of 9mm ammo known as frangible ammo which is, like TSJ, more expensive than FMJ, but has some niche applications.

Frangible bullets constitute a special class of bullets that are subject to brittle failure upon impact with a hard target.

Basically, when a frangible bullet strikes a hard target, it is intended to disintegrate into small fragments or dust which will decelerate rapidly as a result of air resistance.

This makes frangible bullets better for training at certain ranges that use some hard targets because they produce less of a risk of ricochet.

For certain training purposes such as some combat simulations, some frangible bullets are also preferable because of the lower risk of ricochet that they produce, improving safety.

At the same time, frangible bullets are often made with a copper alloy bound together with a polymer, which makes them some of the best options where non-toxic bullets are preferred. This can also boost their suitability for use in indoor training where low toxicity levels are preferred.

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