Preparing for a Residential Land Survey: What Homeowners in Vernon Need to Know

Owning a home in Vernon is a significant investment, and it’s essential to protect that investment by ensuring you have accurate and up-to-date information about your property. One crucial step in this process is conducting a residential land survey. Whether you’re planning renovations, property expansions, or just want to know the boundaries of your land, a land survey is a vital tool.

In this blog post, we will explore the key aspects of preparing for a residential land survey in Vernon.

Understanding the Purpose of a Residential Land Survey in Vernon

A residential land survey is conducted to determine the exact boundaries of your property, the location of structures, and any easements or encumbrances that may affect your land. This information is crucial for various reasons, such as obtaining building permits, resolving property disputes, and ensuring compliance with local zoning regulations.

Researching Local Regulations and Requirements

Before scheduling a land survey, it’s essential to research the local regulations and requirements in Vernon. Different municipalities may have specific rules regarding property surveys, and understanding these in advance can streamline the process. Local government offices or planning departments are valuable resources for this information.

Hiring a Professional Land Surveyor in Vernon

Once you are familiar with the local regulations, the next step is to hire a professional land surveyor. Look for licensed and experienced surveyors in Vernon who specialize in residential surveys. A qualified surveyor will conduct a thorough examination of your property, using the latest technology and equipment to provide accurate and reliable results.

Preparing Your Property for the Survey

Before the surveyor arrives, it’s essential to prepare your property to ensure an efficient and accurate survey. Clear any obstacles or debris that may obstruct access to different parts of your land. If there are any relevant documents, such as old survey records or property deeds, have them readily available for the surveyor’s reference.

Communicating Your Goals and Concerns

When scheduling the survey, take the time to communicate your specific goals and concerns to the surveyor. Whether you’re planning construction, landscaping, or simply want to resolve a boundary dispute, providing clear information will help the surveyor tailor their approach to meet your needs.

Being Present During the Survey

While it may not be necessary, being present during the survey allows you to address any questions the surveyor may have and gain a better understanding of the process. This is also an opportunity to discuss any unique features or considerations on your property that the surveyor should be aware of.

Understanding Survey Results

Once the survey is complete, the land surveyor will provide you with detailed results, including a boundary map and any relevant documentation. Take the time to thoroughly review these results and seek clarification on any aspects that may be unclear. This information will be valuable for future reference and any potential property transactions.


A residential land survey is a crucial step for homeowners in Vernon looking to protect and enhance their property investments. By understanding the purpose of the survey, researching local regulations, hiring a qualified surveyor, preparing your property, communicating your goals, being present during the survey, and understanding the results, you can ensure a smooth and successful survey process.

How Core Geomatics Can Help You

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