Protect Your Skin With High-Quality DL Panthenol

For those who are familiar with the world of hair care, you might already be acquainted with DL Panthenol. This derivative of pantothenic acid is often used in shampoos and conditioners as a protective agent that helps to moisturize and strengthen.

What’s interesting to note about this substance is that it is also great for skincare purposes as well. You can actually create an array of different creams and lotions with the help of this substance. If you are into making your own self care products at home and are searching for useful ingredients that you can experiment with, this is one that you will want to keep your eye out for.

What Exactly is DL Panthenol And is it Safe For Skin?
Although it has a chemical-sounding name, panthenol is actually a natural substance. Technically, it is just another form of Vitamin B5, which is literally pantothenic acid. This substance is important for us as it helps us convert carbs into fuel.

In skincare, pantothenic acid has anti-inflammatory properties and is known to help skin healing and growth. This nutrient also helps to moisturize skin by absorbing moisture from the air. In general, Vitamin B5 is one of those necessary components to a healthy skin regimen, which is why DL panthenol is so potentially useful.

Obviously, if you want to create your own skincare products, you don’t want to be working with Vitamins in their purest form. Not all of these are workable how you might think in terms of an ingredient that you would add to soap or lotion. Rather than work with pantothenic acid directly, formulators use panthenol instead, which is a powder that can be easily incorporated into recipes without much trouble at all.

This way, you can easily give your lotions and other skincare products a beneficial moisturizing boost in a natural way. Panthenol is great for helping to mitigate the effects of dry skin such as flaking and peeling, which is one reason why it is effective as a moisturizing agent.

Finding Panthenol For Your Skincare Recipes
If you are new to the world of creating your own soaps and lotions, you may not know how to get your hands on many of the ingredients. This is especially true if you want these ingredients to be of a suitable quality necessary to create beneficial products for sale, so your customers will be more than satisfied with the results.

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From powerful all-natural surfactants to an array of different colorants, fragrances, soap bases, and more, if you need something in order to craft a particular lotion or cream, they have it stocked in their online store. Check out their selection of high-quality products today and start crafting!

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