Selling Your iPad Pro? Here’s a Short Checklist

So you’re thinking about converting your iPad Pro into some extra cash so you can get yourself or your loved ones something nice for the holidays? That’s all well and good, just make sure you take the proper precautions before selling your iPad Pro.

Back Up Your iPad Pro
First things first: You don’t want to lose any of your stored data, which could include personal photographs, music, books, files, and much, much more.

You can back up your files locally, but Apple also gives you the option to do so via iCloud or iTunes. Choose which works best for you.

If using iCloud:

-Ensure you’re connected to Wi-Fi, then access “Settings.”
-Choose your name or device, then “iCloud,” then “iCloud Backup.”
-Select “Back Up Now.”

Normally, iCloud will back up all of your data on a regular basis, but in case you want the extra safeguard, you can back everything up manually via the process described above.

Sign Out of Accounts
You’ll also want to make sure you sign out of all of your accounts before selling your iPad Pro.

Signing out of accounts such as iCloud, iTunes, and the App Store using iOS 10.3 or later is remarkably easy.

-Tap “Settings,” then your name.
-Scroll down to “Sign Out” and tap on that.
-You’ll be prompted to enter your Apple ID. Do so, then tap “Turn Off”.

Clear All Stored Data
You’ll also want to clear all of your stored data before you sell your iPad Pro, and since you backed it all up, either locally or to the cloud, it’s safe for you to do so.

-Tap on “Settings,” then tap on “General”.
-Scroll down to the bottom where you will find “Reset”, and tap on that.
-There is an option for “Erase All Content and Settings”. Tap on that and you will be prompted to enter your password.
-Tap “Erase iPad,” once, and then again to confirm.
-Enter your Apple ID and tap “Erase”, once more.

You’re getting closer to selling your iPad Pro – just a few more things to keep in mind.

Don’t Forget Your SIM Card
Your iPad Pro’s SIM tray is near the bottom right of the device. Open the tray and press a SIM eject tool into the hole next to the tray. Your SIM card should pop out. If you have trouble, don’t force it; take it to an Apple store for assistance.

I Already Sold My iPad Pro! Can I Remote Wipe It?
Just in case you already sold your iPad Pro, here’s the good news. You can remote wipe it from iCloud.

-Sign into iCloud and find your device.
-Click “Erase iPad,” then enter your Apple ID.
-Answer any security questions or confirmations, then click “Trust”.

Selling Your iPad Pro to Mac Me an Offer
Hopefully, this checklist prepared you to sell your iPad Pro – but we can make it even easier for you.

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