Sheet Metal Cutting Tools That Every Roofer Should Have

If you’re someone who’s been working on roofs for a long time, you probably have developed your own method. Though the end result is always the same, each individual roofer has a different process. Each step of the process requires a different tool. Just like how the method itself varies from worker to worker, so will the preference in tools.

The tools will also vary depending on the specific job and material that you’re working with. For example, a slate roofer will need certain tools such as slate rippers, cutters, hammers, and hooks. The tools are specially designed to install slate roofs. If you’re working with sheet metal roofs you’ll need things like sheet metal benders, hammers, edge folding tools, seamers, and last but certainly not least, sheet metal cutters.

Different types of Sheet Metal Cutters

Nibblers are excellent sheet metal cutting tools. They are made so that you can easily remove a piece of metal from the shear so that there is minimal waviness or distortion. TRUMPF Nibblers are well-made, high-quality cutters. They are highly maneuverable and can handle angled cuts and radii much easier than some other cutters.

The battery is excellent as well. It has a run-time that is higher than other similar tools on the market. Don’t worry about carrying unnecessarily heavy tools around either. This cutter is lightweight, weighing in at a little over 3 pounds. Vibrations are minimized allowing you to cut edges with ease. It’s a lightweight, smooth tool with a long charge. What’s not to love?

Drill Attachment Shears
Drill attachments are always handy enhancements. They allow you to get specific jobs done right, without having to go out and buy an entirely new tool. Not only are drill attachment shears inexpensive, but you can find quality versions that will cut sheet metal effortlessly.

The Malco Turbo Shear HD drill attachment is one of the best that you’ll find. It’s very useful to have because it can be used for many different things. Obviously, it excels when it comes to sheet metal roofing, bt it is also good for metal ductwork and stone-coated shingles as well. The blades are sturdy and durable, so you won’t have to worry about throwing them out after a single-use.

Slitters are a very unique sheet metal cutting tools. Many roofers will use handheld slitters that have cutting wheels or discs. By pulling across coil stock you can make clean cuts with these easy to use tools. A hand slitter is an especially good sheet metal cutter when it comes to pulling across coil stock and making precise cuts.

If you are looking for a sheet metal cutter for your next roofing job the best place to get one is Their website is a convenient one-stop-shop that has all the roofing tools that you’ll need for the job. Whether you’re looking for a slitter, a shear drill attachment, or a nibbler, Stortz has you covered for all your sheet metal needs.

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