Should I Buy a Magnetic Ankle Bracelet?

Jewelry has been around for as long as human beings have roamed the earth. Ankle bracelets serve both as ornaments and as expressions of our identity. However, many cultures have understood that ankle bracelets carry much deeper meanings than meet the eye, and can perform different functions depending on what they are made of or which side you put them on.

Some cultures or social circles use ornaments as discreet tokens that allow their members to convey non-verbal messages without the use of plain and often brazen spoken words. For example, it is said that wearing an ankle bracelet on your right foot means that one is romantically or sexually available.

An ankle bracelet worn on the left foot has traditionally had a very different meaning. In this position, they functioned as amulets or talismans for luck or good health. The main reason for this is that it serves as a conduit that transfers energy from the earth into the body. The energies that emanate from the ground and give life to everything around us find their way into our bodies through an ankle bracelet and help us heal or avoid danger.

In some ways, these beliefs were proven correct with the discovery of the positive effects magnetic fields have on our bodies.

Magnetic therapy has been studied for decades, especially its effects and uses for different types of pains and illnesses. This non-intrusive way of influencing the magnetic fields around and inside our bodies has been especially helpful for people who have tried everything to relieve chronic pains without success, and are looking for natural alternatives.

Magnetic ankle bracelets use the therapeutic properties of magnetic fields and proximity to earth to establish strong connectivity between the body of the wearer and our planet´s massive magnetic field. This proximity serves as a charger for natural energies within our bodies, amplifying our immanent abilities to heal, pain relief, and circulation.

High-quality magnetic ankle bracelets are made of surgical-grade titanium or stainless steel for enhanced conductivity and durability. The noble metals used to craft therapeutic bracelets don’t tarnish and maintain indefinitely their strong magnetic properties for long-term magnotherapeutic effects that help manage chronic back pain, migraine, cramps, sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis.

Additionally, the constant positive charge that results from aligning earth’s magnetic fields to your body’s bio-north promotes an enhanced balance, a clearer mind, proactive attitudes, and better attunement with your surroundings.

High-end magnetic ankle bracelets not only provide increased magnotherapeutic properties. They also make for incredible gifts as they are exquisitely crafted to project elegance, but can be also discreet and subtle.

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