Sub-Ohming: Why It’s Such a Big Deal

For those of you who use any type of tank using pre-made coils, you may be using a sub-ohm coil without even realizing it. Sub-ohm coils are something that most vapers don’t ever have a need to consider or understand.

But for some vapers, sub-ohming has become a passion. For those that love intense flavors and producing billowing clouds, well, there’s just no way back to the pre-sub-ohm lifestyle once it’s been experienced.

Let’s back this up before we get into why it matters for sub-ohm tank wholesale supply, pricing and availability.

Sub-Ohming? What Is That?
Let us walk before we can run. An ohm is a measurement of electrical resistance which affects how much current can run through an electrical circuit. Think of the “ohm” as a measurement of how much the conductor “pushes back” (literally, resists) the electrical current that is trying to flow through it.

The higher the resistance (in ohms) the harder it is for current to flow through the conductor. The opposite is also true; lower ohms allow electricity to flow more easily through a given conductor.

This has pretty big implications for vapers. The reason is that some vapers are choosing coils for their atomizers that have a resistance of less than one ohm – hence, sub-ohm.

The lower ohm rating enables a higher current to travel through the coil. This enables the coil to heat up faster, vaporizing the e-liquid much more efficiently, producing thicker, heavier clouds, and delivering more powerful flavors. This capability is very attractive to DL (direct to lung) vapers.

Why Do Cloud Chasers Love Sub Ohm Vaping?
There are a few advantages to sub-ohm vaping over traditional MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping that uses coils with more than an ohm of resistance.

One is that the greater “power” of sub-ohm devices enables these vape devices to produce intense clouds that aesthetically boost the vaping experience. Especially with e-liquids that are higher in VG, the clouds are much thicker and denser, delivering a more enjoyable sensation.

Because of the density of the clouds and the efficiency of vaporization, sub-ohm devices typically produce more intensely flavored vapor as well.

Another reason that sub-ohm vaping has become so popular is that the devices that are compatible with sub-ohm vape tanks tend to be highly customizable, giving the vaper much more control over the experience.

For instance, devices like rebuildable tank atomizers (RTAs), allow users to build their own coils. Some vaping mods can also be further customized through the use of different wires, cotton, airflow, and more. This gives vapers more flexibility to become involved in the process of personalizing a mod and the vaping experience.

Depending on how the vaper goes about it (such as through either a tank using sub-ohm pre-made coils or by customizing the coils) creating a sub-ohm vaping device can be highly cost-effective, too.

Should My Shop Carry Sub-Ohm Tanks? Where Can I Buy Sub-Ohm Tanks Wholesale?
The real answer in this situation is to gauge the interest of your current customers, but in the spirit of making a safe bet, you should probably carry both sub-ohm tanks and the components that some vaper use to make their own, such as pyrex glass and bubble glass for tanks, mesh coils and drip tips.

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