The Case For CCI Blazer Aluminum 9mm

It’s true: CCI, the company that makes probably all of your rimfire ammo also makes centerfire handgun ammunition.

And get this, it’s good – not just good, but there are a bunch of reviews online from real shooters that say as much.

Case in point: CCI Blazer Aluminum 9mm, which was specifically developed over 40 years ago as a reliable 9mm round that offered lower cost than its competitors.

Here’s what you need to know about it and where you can get it online:

Reliability and Accuracy

CCI Blazer Aluminum 9mm exhibits both high quality and high reliability, plus it meets SAAMI certifications.

Not only are CCI Blazer Ammunition cartridges reliable in a wide range of unforgiving climatic conditions, but they are also accurate.  Their full metal jacket rounds are perfect for target practice and competition – or just burning brass, er, aluminum, at the range.

Quality Load Components

To be clear, CCI Blazer Aluminum 9mm Luger is loaded into high-quality, heat-treated aircraft grade aluminum cases, not brass. They produce brass cased ammo as well in a separate line – CCI Blazer Brass – so make sure you know the difference. CCI Blazer Aluminum cartridges are also loaded with non-corrosive Berdan primers.

Heat-Treated, Aircraft Grade Aluminum Cases: Plus One Caveat

You’ve probably been thinking this the entire time you’ve been reading the article so we need to make it clear. These are aluminum cases, not steel.

Some shooters are superstitious about steel and aluminum-cased ammo being sticky, complicating extraction, or even scratching the chamber walls.

Aluminum is much softer than steel, so don’t get hung up on that. CCI Blazer Aluminum will not scratch your chamber or harm your gun.

Now about extraction. Every gun is a little bit different, so you should try it for yourself, but the vast majority of online testimonials agree that extraction is not an issue. If you’re shooting a revolver it hardly matters anyway.

With that said, these cartridges can be recycled, so you don’t need to worry about waste, either.

But there is one more thing that should be said here. Since these are aluminum cases, you can’t really reload them. Save your reloading hobby for brass cases – and, as we mentioned, CCI Blazer Brass is another low-cost, totally viable alternative.

Price: Perfect for High-Volume Shooting

Now to address the elephant in the room. Yes, CCI Blazer Aluminum 9mm loads are reliable, accurate, and loaded with quality components. But the real reason you should try this line is the price.

You can often get CCI Blazer Aluminum rounds for substantially less than cases loaded in brass, not only from CCI but from other manufacturers. It’s just cheaper.

Granted, you can’t reload the cases, but if your entire goal is just to keep costs low on your range therapy sessions, should you be really factoring that in?

Also, if you don’t reload, the aluminum thing is an entirely moot point.

One more note: the low cost makes these really viable, cost-effective rounds for competition shooters and high-volume target shooters.

Where Can You Get Great Prices on CCI Blazer Aluminum 9mm, Online?

Affordable, reliable, and loaded with quality components, CCI Blazer Aluminum 9mm is a great alternative to whatever loads you typically shoot, especially if you currently can’t find any.

This brings us to our next point: if your local shop is out of your standard handgun ammo, give CCI Blazer Aluminum 9mm a try.

Why? Because you can get it online at a great price from Bucking Horse Outpost at

Check out their website via the link above – they carry much more than just 9mm.

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