The Chic Guide to Fur Storage: Preserving Your Luxurious Investment

When it comes to safeguarding your prized fur garments, the details matter. In this blog, we delve into the process of fur storage, highlighting essential tips for at-home care and the unmatched benefits of professional fur garment storage services.

Home Fur Storage: The Essentials

Fur storage at home in the USA requires meticulous attention to climate, environment, and storage methods. The ideal scenario involves maintaining a cool temperature, preferably between 40°F and 55°F, and a humidity level around 50-60%.

This balance is crucial to prevent the fur from drying or becoming brittle.

Light exposure is another factor. Your fur deserves a spot shielded from direct sunlight to avoid fading. Additionally, ensuring proper ventilation is key to keeping your fur in pristine condition, free from moisture and odors.

As for the storage methods, each fur piece demands its own space. Opt for wide-shouldered hangers crafted for fur garment storage, steering clear of wire hangers that might rust.

If folding is necessary, do so gently, with the fur side inwards, and wrap them in acid-free tissue paper or cotton muslin bags. For storage containers, natural materials like cotton or linen are preferable over plastic or vinyl.

Beyond these methods, don’t forget about pest control.

Moths and other pests are a real threat, so consider using moth repellents or cedar blocks. Regular cleaning and maintenance by professionals are also vital, and don’t overlook the importance of insuring your luxury furs.

Professional Fur Storage: Why It’s Superior

Despite your best efforts, the home environment can’t always provide the perfect conditions for fur coat storage. This is where professional fur coat storage facilities shine.

  1. Controlled Environment: These facilities offer the ideal climate – consistent temperatures and humidity levels that are vital for preventing damage. The air filtration and ventilation systems in these facilities far surpass what most homes can provide, ensuring your fur stays fresh and damage-free.
  2. Security and Protection: Professional facilities store furs in climate-controlled vaults with restricted access, offering protection against theft, fire, or water damage. This level of security is hard to replicate at home.
  3. Expert Care and Maintenance: Professionals in these facilities regularly inspect and gently clean your furs, maintaining their beauty and condition. Home storage lacks this level of expert oversight, which can lead to unnoticed damage.
  4. Convenience and Peace of Mind: With professional fur coat storage, you rid yourself of the worries of maintaining the ideal conditions for your furs. Plus, you free up valuable space at home, knowing your furs are in safe hands.

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