The Differences between New and Used Panorex X-ray Machines

Whether it’s time for you to replace your current panorex X-ray machine or you need to add one to an expanded or additional location, it helps to weigh the differences between new and used systems. This becomes even more central to the decision-making process, given the fact that dental professionals seem to have so many options.

Price is the first consideration you’ll need to make, and if you’re on a budget, one of the most important. If you decide to purchase a high-quality pre-owned dental X-ray machine for your dental practice, you should expect to pay up to 50% less than the list price of a new system.

Panoramic X-ray machines produced by reputable manufacturers are designed to last a long time, in some cases 20 years or more. Many of them have not made significant upgrades to footprint, equipment design, or requirements in decades, meaning that you can often get value in a pre-owned machine that is comparable to a new one.

Do some research and if you can find a recent panoramic dental X-ray machine that is less than 10 years old at a reasonable price, it may be able to serve for another 10 to 15 years or longer – by then, you may be able to upgrade to newer, more advanced technology such as a panoramic X-ray and dental cone beam hybrid system.

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Like most equipment, brand is a signifier of quality in used panorex X-ray machines. If you’re serious about pursuing the purchase of a used panoramic imaging system, consider selecting from the top brands in the industry, including KaVo Kerr, Carestream Dental, Gendex, Instrumentarium, Planmeca, Sirona, and Vatech. Whether new or pre-owned, their dental X-ray systems are well known for reliability, imaging quality, and longevity, and it is easier to get onsite service and find replacement parts for them as well.

You should also consider the cost of installation when weighing a decision between a used or new panorex machine. Most new dealers will install the unit if they sell it, either including the service as a part of the cost of the unit or as a line item of the sale.

Some used equipment providers may not offer installation or will charge extra for this service, which can drive up the total cost of purchase. Always check the fine print and account for all costs before making a decision.

Whether you decide to purchase a new or used panorex X-ray machine, it’s wise to be sure it comes with a warranty. You need to be covered in the event your equipment goes down. Some manufacturers offer lengthy warranties because panorex machines rarely have issues. If used dental equipment is going to have problems, issues should surface within the first year of ownership. So, as long as a used machine has at least a one-year warranty you should be fine. But if you’re concerned about peace of mind and a longer warranty term, a new machine that comes with a longer warranty might be the wisest option.

As you consider a warranty, review the terms carefully. Some lengthy manufacturers’ warranty terms include only parts but not service. For manufacturers, most parts are inexpensive but labor is not. If the service provider misdiagnoses a problem and orders the wrong part, you will still be liable for any service fees. All things considered, it’s best if the warranty covers both parts and service.

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Always evaluate the “must-have” features for your practice and the services you offer, whether you intend to purchase new or used. While extraoral X-ray machines have changed very little, some of the most requested capabilities have to do with upgradeability, extraoral bitewings, and compatibility with leading software or third-party products. Itemize these requirements for your practice and verify them with the seller before making a decision.

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Renew Digital: Certified Pre-Owned Panorex X-ray Machines for Less
Like buying a used car, buying used digital dental X-ray equipment may not be for everyone. Once you’ve considered all of the factors, you’ll know which choice is right for you.

If you decide to proceed with the purchase of a certified pre-owned dental X-ray machine, work with Renew Digital, the industry’s leading supplier of pre-owned extraoral imaging systems for over a decade. Customers can expect to save anywhere from 30% to 50% off the list price of new dental X-ray devices, and all X-ray machines come with free installation and training for your staff as well as a comprehensive warranty that covers parts, onsite labor and unlimited remote support.

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