The Importance of UV 400 Sunglasses and Where You Can Get Yourself a Pair

There are many reasons people wear sunglasses, whether it be for stylistic reasons or for protection from the sun you’ll want to make sure you find the right pair before making your purchase. Many people believe that just the act of wearing any old pair of sunglasses protects them from UV rays. However, the truth is that not all sunglasses were created equal, and not every pair of sunglasses will effectively protect your eyes.

Truth be told, it may even be worse to wear dark sunglasses that aren’t qualified to block UV rays because the dark tint may dilate your pupils which will, in turn, expose you to the UV rays that you’ve been trying to avoid. Very ironic. When it comes to protection against UV rays, you should always be looking for UV 400 glasses because they come as close as possible to blocking 100% of UV rays.

What Can Too Much UV Light Do To My Eyes?
This is a great question and one that every human being on Earth should be considering. From the time you’re very young, you’re already susceptible to eye damage from the sun’s rays. In fact, children are more likely to get eye damage from the sun due to their larger pupils and frequently spending time outdoors.

Even adults need to worry as well. Being overexposed to UV light can cause cataracts that cloud the lens of your eye. It can cause Photokeratitis also known as snow blindness. This results in a temporary loss of your vision. Lastly, it can cause macular degeneration. This is when the UV rays directly damage your retina. All of these awful outcomes are very avoidable if you get yourself or your loved ones pairs of UV 400 sunglasses.

After reading this article and hopefully realizing the importance of UV protection sunglasses you may want to get yourself a pair, but are worried about them costing you a fortune. Well, that’s the best part about some of these UV-blocking sunglasses. They are completely affordable if you know where to look.

One of the best websites to get UV 400 sunglasses is They have a vast selection of sunglasses that can help protect your eyes from those harmful rays. They come in many different shapes and sizes so you can pick whichever style you think looks best on you. Not to mention the color choices are amazing so you really can’t go wrong.

If you’re interested in a new pair of sunglasses you should think about getting a pair that successfully blocks ultraviolet rays. It doesn’t have to be summer for the sun to burn your eyes. The truth is sometimes the UV rays can even be harmful even if you can’t see the sun through the clouds. Keep your eyes and your eyesight healthy by getting a pair of UV 400 sunglasses from Runaways.

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