The Subjugator: A WE Knife for the Ages

Most of the positive buzz and banter surrounding WE Knife Company has to do with, well, the Banter. It is the WE Knife that has resulted (chiefly) in the meteoric rise of this (relatively) new knife company.

And there’s plenty of good reason for that, but that topic is one for another article and another time. Enough has been said in positivity of the WE Banter already.

No, this humble post will deal with a separate but equally impressive WE Knife Company winner – the Subjugator.

Here’s why this one should grace your collection as well.

Steel Chemistry, Blade Profile and Geometry

The Subjugator is made with a robust, 3.5” CPM-20CV blade, which is a powder metallurgy steel made with healthy helpings of carbon (1.9%), chromium (20%), and vanadium (4%) as the key players.

With all that carbon, and the carbide-forming vanadium, it should come as no surprise that this steel offers insane wear resistance and edge retention. Sharpen it once and it stays hair-popping sharp for a long time. It’s tough to touch up, though.

And, as you might assume, with that much chromium – 6% or more than other alloys that are also considered corrosion-resistant – CPM-20CV offers what can only be called phenomenal resistance to rust.

The stout drop point has plenty of length and bulk for hard tasks, including cutting and processing. This is a tough knife that’s definitely not small but can still skirt the margins of big. As a result, it’s robust enough to take on nearly any job you’d tackle with a folder.

It also has a high-flat grind which produces excellent edge geometry for cutting tasks and which, for its part, helps make resharpening just a touch easier.

Built Tough, But User-Friendly

This WE Knife is about much more than just the blade, and the other components are built to take a beating, too.

Take the solid titanium handle scales which are made with an integral frame lock with a steel insert. They are naturally corrosion-resistant, lighter than steel and unbelievably strong, and basically maintenance-free.

The frame lock is a nice touch, too, especially on a knife at this price point, as it offers the same basic functionality as a liner lock (which is cheaper to produce) but which is stronger, tougher, and more reliable.

Deployment is via the dual thumb studs – or a flipper, which forms a nice choil when the knife is open – whichever you prefer, and grip of the blade is aided by jimping along the spine.

Options, Options, Options

While the titanium-scaled, 20CV model is the flagship Subjugator, it is not your only option. WE Knife Company also makes this model in a few other configurations.

One is a model that has beautifully marbled carbon fiber scales, which like titanium are light and strong.

The other is a unique model with a “Damasteel” damascus steel blade. It’s an eye-catcher for sure but it will also set you back several hundred dollars.

All the same, the options are there.

Better Than Good: Get One of These Gems from WE Knife Company

If there’s one thing we need to take into account before subtracting any points from this knife, it’s the price. It’s by no means a cheap WE Knife – but it’s a good one nonetheless. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and this is one of those instances.

Either way, it’s an excellent WE Knife. If you’re interested in getting one of them, visit White Mountain Knives online to learn more or get in touch with them at [email protected]. They carry several different colors and versions of this, along with multiple other top-sellers from CIVIVI and WE Knife Company.

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