These signs tell you to go for reroofing

Most people forget about the roof once they install it during construction or renovation. Till they come across a problem, they never realize that they need to attend to their roof. Roofing experts tell you to be watchful of a few signs that will tell you that it is time to think about reroofing. If you find your roof needs replacement, find a suitable reroofing contractor to do the job meticulously.

Inspect from inside
The first thing you must do is to check the roof from inside. Carry a torchlight and go over the eaves. Beams of light, stains or streaks can tell you there is some leakage.

Review the history of the roof
Explore the home improvement records and see when was the roof re-shingled or replaced for the last time. Knowing this will let you know how much life can be expected at the moment. The roof installed over an existing shingles need to be replaced after 20 years.

Examine the rooftop
After heavy storms examine your roof top to see if any caving in has happened. Patches that are cracked, buckled or damaged need to be set right. Check the gutters for any granules of the shingles. If you find a lot of granules, it can indicate that the roof must be replaced.

Examine the flashing
Flashing is done on the skylights, vents and chimney seals. This is meant to seal the seams from the effects of weather and rain. Flashing must be examined thoroughly to ensure that there are no cracks or breaks which can lead to leakage. If your old roof has flashing made of tar or roof cement, it is good to replace it with a metal flashing system not to ensure more durability.

Prevent rot
A sagging and dropping roof is a sign that you need to replace your roof soon. This is necessary to avoid any further damage to the building. Check the roof surface for any moisture trap, rotting boards or spots that are sagging. This is especially important in the lowest part of the roof.

Unnecessary houseplants
Moss can present an inviting look on the shady corners of the yard. However, if they are spotted on the roof, they are a sign of true trouble. Moss, fungi and mold can trap moisture that can ruin the roof. Check and rectify the moss collection in the shaded corners of the roof. This can be done with a stiff brush. However, ensure care to attend to any problems lying under.

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