Tips for Using Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries

Most likely the hearing aid batteries you use are considered zinc air hearing aid batteries, which means that they are activated by air and use oxygen to function. This is why you see the little tab on each battery that you are only meant to remove if you are about to use them. Removing the tab opens them up to take in oxygen and begin functioning.

This is also the reason why you are not supposed to lift the tab on any battery unless you are about to use it. If you use zinc air hearing aid batteries for your device, you are probably used to using them up and replacing them fairly quickly with some batteries you have in an open pack. Over time it can add up to quite a few batteries used in a single month, which means you have to place more frequent orders for your batteries as well.

It is better to make the most out of each battery and make them last as long as possible for the sake of money and convenience. If you use zinc air batteries, there are some very simple ways that you can get the most out of them and make them last longer so that you get to save on effort and money. We have a few tips that we would like to recommend for taking care of your zinc air hearing aid batteries to get the most out of them. These are easy things to start doing that can quickly become habits, so it is easy to start doing these things regularly without giving them a second thought.

Oldest Batteries First
Even if you are careful with them and never budge the tab on your zinc air hearing aid batteries, they can still lose power over time. It is best to always use your batteries in order of oldest to newest.

Five Minute Rule
You may have heard of this one already, but the five minute rule is an easy rule to practice. You just have to wait five minutes after peeling off the tab from your batteries before placing them inside the device. This gives them time to fully activate before use.

Check Temperature & Humidity
This final tip relates to storage. Keep your batteries in an area that is not too hot, cold, or humid as this can reduce the lifespan of the batteries. Keep the batteries in their holder at night with the lid open to allow them to dry out fully and take in oxygen.

Just as promised, each of these tips is easy to understand and implement into your ordinary routine so you do not feel burdened by any of these things. When you put everything together, you can set yourself up to use your zinc air hearing aid batteries to the fullest and feel like you are really taking care of things. The next time you need to replenish your supply of hearing aid batteries, be sure to check out for batteries from different brands and in different sizes. Now you know when you buy new batteries, you can make them last.

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