Tips to maintain your car exteriors in a pristine condition for so long

Driving your car can be more enjoyable when it looks, clean, nice and anew. But this can come only with a bit of effort from your side. These basic car maintenance tips can help maintain your car exteriors in a pristine condition for so long.

Regular wash
Washing your car in regular intervals can maintain its paint color and luster. Leaving the dirt and debris on your car exteriors for long can steal the vibrancy of the paintwork over time. It is therefore highly advisable that you clear the dust, dirt and bird droppings from the car surface from time to time. Once in a while, entrust the car washing to a professional car wash services so that they can give a thorough wash attending to the areas and aspects that you can’t do at home.

Use the right cleaning materials
Car wash must never be attempted with household cleaning materials. Some of these products can be quite abrasive and can lead to the damage or deterioration of the paint work in course of time. Go for regular car wash products sold at the stores exclusively for cars. Also, use the right kind of brushes, sponges and clothesto scrub away the stubborn stuff. Microfiber cloths are a good option to wash and dry your car. They can also be reused. Drying the car after a wash is essential. Never leave the car exteriors to dry on its own which can leave the water spots on the car later resulting in stains.

Car waxing can help retain the luster
Car exteriors contain a lacquer or clear coat to protect it from the weather elements. Over months and years, this coating can lose its luster due to the play of sunlight and other weather conditions. Go for a good quality wax coating once in three months can add one more layer of defense to your car exteriors and help the paintwork to stay in a good condition.

Car wash services can always help do a good job
At least once in a year, it is good to give your car to professional car wash services. Professional quality car wash services can ensure every nook and corner of the car both inside and outside are thoroughly cared for and that the car wears the near new shine you can proudly show off.

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