Top Bark River Knives: For the Love of Handmade Hunting Knives

In the haystack of knife manufacturers local, or international ones, one brand has become ridiculously popular in the knife-making scene—Bark River. Not only because it has been widely known to offer unique handmade retro designs with a twist.

Bark River is a family-owned business that was started in 2001 in Escabana, Michigan by Mike Stewart and his wife Lesley. Their children Jim and Jacquelyn both work in the company as well—continuously improving the quality of their products and creating beautiful innovative designs each time with an aim in mind to create a robust knife every outdoorsman would surely grab as an addition to their collection of heirloom-quality knives.

With design innovation in mind, the family decided they would up their game in the knife-making scene and made Bark River knives come out in the industry packed with dozens, perhaps even hundreds of different designs with a twist of that classic look and maximum performance feel.

Another fact about Bark River knives is that each knife is one of a kind, a particular model is only made once every two years and none of the other models look the same. This may sound unrealistic but it actually is incredibly real. From different sizes to different feel, whether you need it for EDC or mainly for utilitarian use, there’s one available for you. It’s amazing how a handmade line of robust knives is actually available for everyone with different types of needs looking for a quality knife that doesn’t have the same specifications as the rest of the other knives in production. Hunters, campers, or any other outdoorsman needs, these knives do the maximum performance expected from them. Take a look at some of them below.

Fox River
From weight to versatility, an incredible blade that doesn’t need sharpening every now and then is just one of the many things a good hunting knife should have. A hunting knife that possesses the total package is incredibly rare but surprisingly, Bark River has all of it.

It is a good thing Fox River pretty much has all of that and then some. This knife has a blade length of inches and an overall length of 8.25 inches with a thickness of .170 inches. The blade has a convex ground to a sharp, hair shaving edge and ergonomic handle design for ease of use. Handmade by skilled craftsmen with the right combination of the finest grade of materials, Fox River is a guaranteed high-quality fixed blade knife.

Mini Aurora Hunter
Another equally top-performing hunting/outdoor knife with the pointed blade and the slim profile is the Bark River Mini Aurora Hunter which is the small version of the Bark River Aurora. Made from CPM 3CV-super steel, this knife is known to showcase exceptional strength.

Mini Aurora is a fixed blade with a satin finish, a 3.625-inch blade with an overall length of 7.875 inches. The edge has a convex grind so stropping would effectively achieve a true, razor-sharp edge.

Bravo 1.25
For an all-purpose outdoor knife, The Bravo 1.25 is the most popular among the Bravo series. It’s the right fit between the Bravo 1 and Bravo 1.5 knives. Being that it’s a 5-inch blade, it happens to be just the right size for about everything bushcraft. Great for batoning firewood, building, and cutting. It’s an all-around blade in the field of large game dressing, carcass break-down, and skinning.

The bravo has a full exposed tang with an overall length of 9.875 inches and a full convex grind. It also comes with a heavy-duty leather belt sheath.

Bark River handcrafts all of their knives each with unique specifications and yet equally robust. Check out more of their top-performing knives at

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