Try Something New: Get a Minibike!

For those of you athletes who are always looking for a new challenge to test your skills and hone fresh talents, there is always a new mountain to climb. Riders who are adept in the saddle – the saddle of a bike or a unicycle, that is – and those who have already tried their hand at mountain riding, trial riding, freestyle riding and others, may find a fresh challenge by learning to ride a minibike, like the UDC Minibike available at

Little bikes like this are often called clown bikes because they have been used as circus acts in the past, and for other forms of crown entertainment. There is something comical about an adult rider zipping around on a little clown bike like this, but make no mistake about it. If it is entertaining, and it is, it’s due in no small part because it’s so hard to ride one of these little bikes with skill and poise.

These little bikes are actually ideal for performers and you can try your hand at coming up with your own cycling tricks, but first, you’ll need to become skilled at riding one, which is no laughing matter. You’ll need to learn to accommodate the bike’s smaller dimensions, but a high-quality minibike like this one is a real bike in every way except its size. It is suitable even for adult riders.

This minibike is also built to handle the rigors of riding. It’s made with a heavy gauge steel frame and features tough, non-pneumatic (solid rubber) tires and equally tough mag chrome rims. It’s solidly built and features a tough construction, sturdy enough to hang with the unplanned dismounts and bumps of learning to ride. It might be small, but the weight of the little bike speaks volumes about its quality. It comes in at just under 14 pounds. Also, since the tires are solid rubber and small, the ride might be a little rougher, but you’ll never get a flat.

This little bike also comes with a UDC cruiser saddle and an integrated lift handle, so at the very least, you can also say that this bike is conveniently and ergonomically designed. It’s comfortable both to ride and to carry around, even if you have to bunch up a little to learn to ride it!

If you’re already a proficient unicyclist or bicyclist, experienced in street riding, trail riding and stunt riding, then a minibike might represent the perfect novel challenge. It’s one more wheeled machine for you to master.

To learn more about this mini bike or any of the other odd bikes available at, feel free to visit their website and reach out to them for a live chat. In addition to minibikes like these, they also sell other odd bikes like penny farthings and circus bikes that are ideal for trick riding.

If you have any questions, you can also reach out to them directly for help choosing a ride that will challenge you and help you hone your skills. They can be reached at [email protected] or by phone at 678-494-4962.

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