Types of coffee drinks you must know

Coffee beans are an amazing product from nature. The taste and aroma of coffee is quite unique and lovable that makes it one of the most favorite beverages in the world. Whether you are brewing coffee at home or in your coffee shop, coffee making is an interesting process. There are different types of coffee drinks you can prepare from roasted coffee beans which you might not have known. Here are the most popular types of coffee from different geographies that might interest you.

Black coffee
Black coffee is a simple concept. It is made by just steeping ground coffee beans in hot water and then served warm. For a fanciful calling of this beverage you can call it as cafe noir. Because you will not be adding milk or sugar with this preparation, the quality of coffee is a crucial factor to take care.

This is perhaps the most popular kind of coffee drink consumed in the world. Latte coffee comprises of a shot of espresso in a glass of steamed milk with just a touch of foam. It can be served plain or with a shot of flavor from vanilla to pumpkin spice.

Cappuccino is yet another version of latte in which you find more foam than the steamed milk. Often, this drink is sprinkled with some cocoa powder or cinnamon on top of it. In some variations, flavor is added and in some cases, cream is used instead of milk as the base.

Americano has a flavor that is similar to black coffee. This beverage comprises of an espresso shot that is just diluted in hot water. If you would like to try making this yourself, you must first pour the espresso and then add the hot water.

An espresso shot is served either solo or as a foundation for most types of coffee drinks, the same way it is done in the cases of lattes and macchiatos.

Nothing more than a double shot of espresso, this kind of drink is for those that want an extra pep in their step.

Mimicking the concept of yin and yang, we can say a cortado is a balanced serving of the espresso and warm steamed milk blend. The purpose of milk is to cut down the extra acidity of the espresso.

Red Eye
Eagerly sought after by many to cure the tiredness of morning, Red Eye is nothing but a cup of hot coffee with an espresso shot.

Galão has its origins in Portugal. This is a hot coffee drink closely related to latte and cappuccino. The only difference you find between them is Galão has twice the quantity of foamed milk added to it and hence you will find it a lighter drink when compared with the other two.

A lungocan be described as a long-pull espresso. Longer pull results in more caffeine and hence you can relish more ounces.

A medium line in between a cappuccino and a doppio, the macchiato is one another espresso-based drink with a small amount of foam on top of the serving.

Mocha is a chocolate espresso drink blended with steamed milk and foam. If you love chocolates, you are bound to fall in love with Mocha.

An espresso shot, Ristrettoemploys lesser hot water while creating a sweater flavor as against the method of preparing espresso or doppio that have a bitter taste.

Flat White
Born in Australia, this drink is just the same as a cappuccino. This is an espresso drink with steamed milk free of the foam or chocolate sprinkle.

Irish coffee
Irish coffee is made from the ingredients of black coffee, whiskey and sugar topping the preparation with whipped cream.

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