Unicycles and Odd Bikes for Young Learners

The holiday season is coming up, and the unique people in your lives deserve unique gifts. If you know a little stunter or another young athlete who’s always on the lookout for a new mountain to climb, give the gift of a great challenge with one of these unicycles or odd bikes – ideally sized for young learners and beginners!

Hoppley 16” Unicycle
The Hoppley 16” Unicycle is ideal for young learners, recommended for riders with a minimum inseam length of 22 inches. It features a round crown steel frame, features hardened spindles, and takes cotterless cranks. It also has single wall steel rims and comes with a comfortable Hoppley saddle. All in, it weighs less than 10 pounds.

It’s a basic little ride, but it’s also tough enough to hang with the trials of beginner learners, including bumps, knocks, and spills. You taught your little champ to get back in the saddle when he or shell fell out – this unicycle will come back up kicking, too!

Hoppley 12” Unicycle
Looking for a unicycle that’s more of a suitable size for the youngest of learners? The Hoppley 12” Unicycle, available at Unicycle.com, it’s just the ticket.

Its 12-inch wheel is suitable for some of the youngest, smallest riders, as it is recommended for riders with a minimum inseam length of 19.5 inches. It has many features in common with the Hoppley 16” inch model mentioned above, including a steel frame, single wall steel rims, and hardened spindles; it also takes cotterless cranks.

Only 8.5 pounds and perfectly sized for young riders, this unicycle would make a splendid gift and is built to last!

UDC Mini Bike
The UDC Mini Bike available online at Unicycle.com is a work of art. Don’t let its humble facade fool you – this little bike is built to ride.

So well-built to ride, in fact, that anyone can ride it. Full-size adults can squeeze down into the saddle and make the best of the experience, and the bike is tough enough to hang with it. It has non-pneumatic (solid rubber) tires and a steel frame. It’s exceptionally strong – it weighs almost 15 pounds.

That said, due to its small size, young riders and small children might get more out of it than some adults. It just depends on what they’re into – and worst-case scenario, the kid can keep riding it even after he or she “outgrows” it. Age is just a number!

Hoppley 29” Penny Farthing Bicycle
Very young learners might be too small to learn on the Hoppley 29” Penny Farthing bicycle, but that is the nature of the beast. These bikes have large front tires that enable them to attain higher speeds in the absence of a chain drive and afford a smoother ride over rougher surfaces.

They’re also a throwback to an earlier time, but they’re no gimmick. These penny farthings feature durable construction from high-quality components and even feature a small step at the back to help with mounting. Recommended for riders with a minimum inseam length of 26”, if you have a rider that fits the bill, this is the perfect penny farthing starter.

Don’t Forget Safety Gear
Picking up one of these beginner unicycles or odd bikes from Unicycle.com? Don’t forget to pick up the proper safety gear as well. All young riders must wear a helmet, but you should outfit them with elbow and knee pads as well. Make sure your young learners are prepared with gloves, wrist guards, leg armor, and sturdy footwear, too.

You can find any of these odd bikes and unicycles along with a full collection of safety gear online at Unicycle.com. Order today to beat the holiday shopping rush and have something really unique to offer a young, aspiring rider!

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