What Does Church Video And Audio Installation Entail? EMI Audio Answers Your Questions

Having a great AV system in your house of worship is one of the best ways to engage your congregation and elevate your message. Having a clear sound projection combined with powerful yet subtle visual and lighting elements will create a unique experience for members of your congregation.

However, your faculty needs to know the details of what church video and audio installation entails.

What are the costs of Church AV Installation?
The first thing to know is that church video and audio installation requires construction or structural modifications. For example, traditional houses of worship usually contain structural elements such as pillars or windows with high ambient lighting that may pose serious restrictions for visual elements such as screens or projectors.

EMI Audio recommends taking inventory of your house of worship´s unique needs as they tend to make costs fluctuate.

Other more modern or reconditioned venues have room for more standard layouts. For example, instead of presenting a main arch, they offer a large wall that makes it easy to mount a screen. These might only require running cables under the floor, installing dampening boards on walls, and placing loudspeakers at an ideal height.

The average price tag for a professional AV installation ranges from 70$ to up to 150$ per seat. Again, we recommend contacting an audio and video installation company and ask for an estimate.

What are the benefits of installing a professional church sound system?
High-quality components are a must. These are vital for preventing future problems such as hums, buzzing, or feedback issues. You want your sound to be crystal clear and free of distracting glitches or noise.

Modern ecumenical services often include speeches and sermons combined with professional live music. This means that professional church video and audio installation companies need to focus on versatile solutions that can broadcast clear spoken messages while being able to capture dynamic signals from live instruments.

The final product should provide a uniform and engaging experience for all your congregants. Nowadays, many denominations feel inclined to offer live video streaming options and accessibility for the hearing impaired.

There are many additional advantages to having professionally installed AV solutions in your church. For example, they reduce the need for printed materials like hymn and songbooks by allowing readable text and crisp visuals to be displayed for all parishioners to see. Many religious leaders have expressed satisfaction as all heads remain facing forward during service.

If you want more information about how AV solutions can benefit your place of worship, contact EMI Audio today by calling 1-800-832-5174, or visit their store located in Minneapolis.

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