What Makes McKinley Leather Furniture The Best Young Furniture Manufacturer in the United States

Since the late 1900s, McKinley Leather has been known to produce nothing but premium leather products. In its early days as a custom leather production company, this company has dedicated to handcrafting leather furniture pieces. They have very unique creativity using nothing but top-grain select grade cowhide. Today, McKinley has reached its full potential for being considered as one of the top premier furniture makers in the United States.

McKinley is well-known for utilizing wonderful soft and supple leathers from around the globe such as buffalo hides, aged vintage leathers, full top grain cowhides, and more. Aside from the fact that the quality of their furniture pieces is of par excellence, they are also exquisitely handmade which makes this company flat out extraordinary in the furniture-making industry.

All of their furniture pieces are of heirloom quality that varies from distressed brown leather to a combination of pure white with no shade effect. The designs of their furniture pieces are also regarded as a premium blend of imperial, majestic, bold, and proud. This has something to do with the impeccable taste of Lori Sadowski, who, together with her father, has built this successful furniture manufacturing company.

Mckinley Leather furniture is headquartered in North Carolina, among the other premium furniture manufacturers like Thayer Coggin, Wesley Hall, Charleston Forge, and Hubbardton Forge. When shopping for McKinley furniture items, you can rest your mind with regards to the quality of work done by their furniture builders. Most of their employees have been with them since the beginning, perfecting the skill of handcrafting their furniture pieces similar to that of a fine piece of art.

It might be terrific to know that this company makes furniture pieces with nothing but the finest hides in the world, however, custom crafting leather pieces according to your desires is downright marvelous. There are instances that no matter how fabulous a furniture set looks in the showroom, the size just does not fit into your living space or maybe the color just does not go with the whole theme you got going on with your interior design. Worry not as McKinley will make a piece of leather furniture customized according to your preferences, from size reduction, adding or deleting nails, wood finishes to making a seat deeper to your liking—whatever it is you want to be changed, this company will make it happen.

It’s critically fundamental that you get what you want for a furniture piece. After all, furniture pieces are what defines a whole impressive interior decor. It’s not something you do spontaneously, careful planning and a serious time for thought are required before you come up with a decision on which furniture pieces are appropriate for your home.

This is why Ohio Hardwood Furniture has made it its mission to provide its customers with various unique, customized designs that may reflect their vision. Whether you decide to settle on a piece of Mckinley Leather furniture or have it customized instead, Ohio Hardwood Furniture has your back.

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