What Makes Unrefined Shea Butter Great For Sensitive Skin

There are common skin problems that require very delicate treatments so as not to aggravate their manifestation in the skin. In particular, for those that have extremely sensitive skin, applying chemical treatments is often not a great solution. Thus, the only safest way to soothe the skin and ultimately remedy its existing dryness is to topically apply a natural solution.

Unrefined shea butter is a natural product that comes from the African Karite tree, which is commonly found in East and West Africa. Its best preparation does not have to involve any other chemicals for it to be deemed effective. To extract the shea butter from the seed, you will have to remove the kernel, pulverize it and then boil in water. Once the butter rises to the top, you’ll have to sift it out and let it sit to solidify. The finished product is now an effective emollient to soften and smoothen dry and swelling skin. This is shea butter is high in cinnamic content that helps reduce skin inflammation and antioxidants that knock off harmful effects of free radicals.

Some have issues about shea butter being applied to oily skin as they thought it may clog the pores even more. This is actually not the case. Quite frankly, shea butter is excellent in dissolving the old unwanted oils buried deep within our skin. Compared to other oils excreted from other natural products, shea butter actually mimics the sebum oil secreted by your skin glands, so it does not only strip away old unwanted oils in your pores, but also keeps it moisturized without the greasy feeling to it. What’s great about this is, as you get older, with the continued use of shea butter, you will have minimal to no fine lines and wrinkles. This only makes shea butter the ultimate organic product that could keep your skin looking plump and young.

Although to properly use any skincare products, including unrefined shea butter, you have to always wash your face first. Use any kind of a hypoallergenic facial wash, pat it dry with a soft, clean towel and then apply alcohol-free toner. We advise that you only take a small amount of shea butter from its container and rub your hands together with it or you can also use a sponge to dab it on your face before going to bed.

When selecting natural shea butter, you have to take note that there were no added chemicals used during or after the extraction process. You will be using a raw and uncorrupted natural product, thus, do not be surprised if you see bits and pieces of shea nut in there. You may also find that the color of raw shea butter may appear yellowish or maybe off-white and with a bit of natural odor.

Use the shea butter in making your own recipe of bar soap, lotions, lipsticks, and shower gels. Enjoy the benefits of this product extracted straight from mother nature. Get your unrefined shea butter and other ingredients from Make Your Own Buzz.

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