What Should Come with an Airsoft Starter Kit?

Looking for a way to get into airsoft competition without needing to overhaul your knowledge of necessary field essentials? While experience is worth more than gear and friends can help get you started, an airsoft starter kit can put you on the right track as well.

But not all airsoft starter kits are created equal. Some of them contain more useful accessories than others. So what should you be looking for, if a plain airsoft gun doesn’t count as a starter kit?

An Airsoft Starter Kit Should Have More than Just an Airsoft Gun
For one thing, an airsoft starter kit shouldn’t just have an airsoft gun. It’s not a starter kit if all it has is an airsoft gun. That’s not a package. It should have most if not all of what you need to get started competing (sans personal protective equipment, although some kits do give you the option to expand with these.)

So what does that mean? You should look for an airsoft starter kit that contains at minimum, the airsoft gun, a magazine, properly sized and weighted ammo, and propellant. If it’s a gas blowback pistol, that means a few cartridges of CO2 or green gas. If it’s an AEG, it should come with a battery, and preferably a charger – just be careful because some kits only come with one or the other, and some come with neither.

Most quality airsoft starter kits will come with the airsoft gun, airsoft ammo, a magazine, and a battery or propellant. Some starter kits come with more – but just what that means will probably depend on the focus of the kit.

What Else It Contains Should Depend on the Airsoft Gun
Some of the better starter kits will give you the ability to expand as it makes sense with the platform. Others may contain accessories or attachments that make sense with the airsoft gun itself.

For example, some starter kits that have some sort of rifle (either an electric rifle or a spring-powered, bolt-action sniper rifle) may come with a high-quality scope or some other form of optics. Some of these kits that feature rifles also enable you to expand with a sidearm and a holster.

Which, itself is another thing. Some starter kits give you the ability to expand with a holster and attachments, and some even allow you to tack on protective equipment. For your first starter kit, though, it’s best to go as simple as possible, because only experience can dictate what accessories and attachments you’ll like best.

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