What Should I Know About Rayovac Extra Hearing Aid Batteries

If you are fairly new to using your Rayovac hearing aid batteries, then there will be a lot of things you will want to know in order to get the most out of your device and batteries. Here are some quick tips that you may find helpful in using your Rayovac Extra hearing aid batteries.

What Size You Need
Before you can insert batteries of any kind into your hearing aid device, you will need to know what size batteries they take. Hearing aids are not all made the same and some will run on different types of batteries, so you will have to take note of this before purchasing new batteries. Once you need to restock on your Rayovac Extra hearing aid batteries and buy backups, you will need to make sure you know what size batteries you are looking for, otherwise you will have to quickly make a return and find the right ones before your last batteries expire. You might not have thought much about the size of batteries you use or even forgot the number, but it is an important detail that will follow you for as long as you use those devices, so take note. The most common sizes of hearing aid batteries are 10,13, 312, 675 and they can be found across brands including Rayovac. While your device may be compatible with batteries from any brand, they will only accept certain sizes. You can find the size of your hearing aid batteries written right on the front of the packaging in a color-coded label, but if you do not have the outer packaging anymore, you can still find a way to identify the battery based on its diameter with a helpful visual chart online. If you are going to purchase Rayovac Extra hearing aid batteries of any size, be careful to choose the correct ones the first time around.

Maintenance & Longevity
If you have been using hearing aids for a while already, you should have some kind of idea of how you should maintain them. You should know when it is time to replace them and for how much longer you can keep them going, but there are some extra things you should know in order to take care of your Rayovac Extra hearing aid batteries well and get the most use out of them. Mainly this comes down to cleaning your hearing aids and their batteries often. You can do this at night as you settle down for the day. Take out the batteries and let them rest on something next to you as you clean the battery compartment of your device. You can use a cleaning brush to get out all of the earwax or dust that has accumulated inside and wipe everything down with a cleaning cloth. You can leave this compartment open overnight so that it has time to fully dry out before you get up and begin using them again. Another tip is to utilize the “five minute rule” which tells you to wait five minutes after removing the tab from your new hearing aid battery before inserting it into your device. It allows the batteries to fully activate from air exposure and improves the lifespan of the battery so you can get more use out of each one.

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