What to Know Before Buying Your Paint Scraper

Before you go online and purchase the first paint scraper listing you see, you should take the time to explore your options for this tool and how you want to perform. Let’s take a quick look at paint scrapers and what you should know before buying one.

What They Are Used For
A paint scraper is a fairly simple tool in design, but can be used on many occasions to work with different materials. As long as you know what you are doing and have a good, sturdy paint scraper in your toolkit, you will probably find that it will help you out on many occasions. Of course we know that they are meant to scrape paint off of various surfaces like doors, walls, door frames, or other indoor structures. They make it easy and efficient to remove paint without damaging the material underneath. You can just scrape through the older material, potentially using the help of an item like a heat gun to gently work the paint off.

What to Look For
Since this is a tool that you will likely come to rely on over time, you will want to shop for something high-quality right out the gate. You want something that will last for years even after being used so often on various projects. Look for a paint scraper with a strong, sturdy handle and a good grip so it will feel natural to hold onto consistently and the handle will not loosen up and break off over time. You especially want a tool that can easily be sharpened repeatedly as needed so that the blades remain sharp and effective. Try to find reviews or descriptions of the products you are looking at to see if they claim the scraper tool does not leave a large amount of dust behind so you can work cleanly.

Shapes of Paint Scrapers

Rounded paint scrapers are ideal for working around curved, concave surfaces that would ordinarily be challenging. Their shape allows you to move them around curves and bends easily so that you will be able to do your work quickly, and without bothering your hands or wrists too much. Paint scrapers could be entirely rounded like ovals, or they could be more angular shapes with a rounded corner to work with.

Rectangular or Triangular
Rectangular paint scraper tools are great for covering larger surface areas at a time. They allow you to work quickly and efficiently on large, flat surface areas. Triangular ones are similar because of their flat sides, but come with the added benefit of their distinct corners which can work into sharp, difficult corners or edges.

Regardless of which shapes you prefer working with, you can find some great options for paint scrapers that will hold up to steady use at stortz.com. Their tools are known for being well-crafted and high-quality so you can be sure they will stand up to the work you put them through. Their shop has paint scrapers in all shapes and sizes, so all that is left is to decide which ones are best suited for your needs.

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