Where to Find a 0 Nic Puff Bar

When Puff Bars hit the market, virtually everyone who was either trying to quit cigarettes with vape or people who were already using similar products got their hands on a Puff Bar. The release of Puff Bar’s was soon after the FDA has banned the commercial selling of Juuls and Juul pods. Since Juuls were able to be refilled with other vape juices after the pod was finished, that sent off a red flag to the FDA, which in the end was the demise of the Juul.

People weren’t able to buy their beloved Juul pods from their 7/11s and local gas stations anymore, so that created a need in the market, which Puff Bar quickly filled. For some time, you were able to go to those places you would normally have found Juuls, and been met with a crazy amount of different colors and flavors in the form of Puff Bars.

These vaping products contained nicotine and were flavored with basically every flavor under the sun you can think of. From fruity flavor combinations to minty flavors, you really could have any number of your favorite flavors at your fingertips. The thing that made these smoking devices so easy to use and easy to sell in these stores, was that once all of the vape juice ran out, they could be tossed in the trash can.

Unlike Juuls, Puff Bars were completely disposable. Meaning, you were unable to fill them back up with other vape juice when you were finished with them. That was the loophole that the company that produces Puff Bars found to be able to sell them in stores.

The only problem that came with the insurgence of Puff Bars in stores, was that they were extremely accessible to young people, especially young kids under the legal age of smoking. This obviously created a problem because young teens were starting to get hooked on these brightly colored, USB lookalike devices.

So, after a while, these vaping products were ultimately also banned from production and being able to be sold in stores. Since then, there have been fake Puff Bars being sold or lookalike products under different names, but those products can be dangerous since you have no idea what is in them.

So, since Puff Bars are no longer available for purchase, why not take this opportunity to find a 0 nic Puff Bar alternative? There are way more options available to you than trying to find fake Puff Bars.

If this is something you’re interested in, then make the switch to Cyclone Pods. At Cyclone Pods, you can easily find your new favorite vaping device without the harmful nicotine. Cyclone Pods has a great number of products like mimic Puff Bars, but has no nicotine and the same great flavors to choose from.

Choose their Gust Disposables, which have great flavor options and work just the same as a Puff Bar. Kick nicotine for good with Cyclone Pods.

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