Where to Find Glass Hand Pipes Near Me

If you’re in South Florida and find yourself googling “Where can I find glass hand pipes near me”, well we’ve got your answer: Hip Cat Smoke Shop.

If you find yourself anywhere near Fort Lauderdale or Pompano Beach you can visit one of their amazing head shops. Both shops offer some amazing options, for both smoking experts and casual smokers. One thing beloved by all that you definitely should have, if you don’t already, is a glass pipe.

Why Every Smoker Needs a Glass Pipe in Their Collection
If you’re a frequent smoker the chances are you either currently own or have once owned a glass hand pipe or bowl. If you’ve never had one it’s never too late to start. Glass smoking has many advantages that you won’t get with other smoking tools.

One major advantage of pipe smoking is the compact size of these pieces. They’re called hand pipes for a reason. You can quite literally carry it around in your hand, unlike water pipes which are usually kept in a singular location. Sure you could always roll up a cigarette or a joint and that’s pretty easily transportable, but there are some things that make bowls that much better.

For one, they’re reusable. You don’t have to waste money constantly rebuying papers once you run out. You can get yourself a glass pipe that will last. As long as you clean it periodically a glass hand pipe should cause you absolutely no trouble. The best part is that they’re easy to clean too and don’t require much maintenance.

Different Kinds of Glass Pipes
There are plenty of different types of glass pipes available online and which one is best for you is all a matter of preference. That’s one of the reasons people are attracted to hand pipes. The glass is designed in so many different ways that you are bound to find one that matches your style, your likes, and your personality.

One popular kind of hand pip is the sherlock pipe. Classic sherlock pipes like the one used in private investigator movies are elegant and a bit fancy. Though a glass pipe probably won’t have that same charm per se, it still has a very extravagant charm of its own. You can a sherlock pipe with virtually anything on it whether it’s tiny glass pieces of pizzas or an entire pipe made to look like a saxophone. The possibilities are endless.

There are also just the classic hand pipes. These come in very elaborate color schemes and designs, but in general, their shape and design are pretty simplistic. These hand pipes are straight and feature a bowl for you to fill your medical marijuana or tobacco. Find some glass pipes near you, add the flower, light it up and you’re ready to smoke.

Another interesting aspect of hand pipes is that because they’re custom made they can honestly be so unique that they’re quite literally one of a kind. A glassmaker can easily design a hand pipe that has not been seen before. So some hand pipes may not even fall into a classification.

So next time you find yourself in South Florida asking “Where can I find glass hand pipes near me”, you won’t have to hesitate. Check out Hip Cat Smoke Shop. They have a location in Fort Lauderdale as well as a newer store in Pompano Beach.

You can visit their website at www.thehipcatsmokeshop.com to see their hours and check out what they have to offer. Stay up to date by following their Instagram as well. Whether it’s online or in-person, check out their shop and get a much-needed glass pipe added to your smoking collection today.

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