Where To Find Handmade Knives for Sale

It’s not necessarily difficult to find handmade knives for sale online, however, what is a bit more difficult is finding handmade knives from a vetted trustworthy vendor.

That is why careful research and analysis should be put into knife selection especially for first-time knife buyers. If this is the first time you’ll be purchasing a handmade knife, this simple guide will help you determine what type of knife you’ll need and why.

1. Find a Trusted Website
The first step involves choosing a trustworthy website that has handmade knives for sale. One of the best sites for this is TheKnifeConnection.com. They have been selling quality knives for over a decade and have proven themselves as a top-tier producer when it comes to custom handmade knives.

2. Recognize The Intended Use
Once you know you’re getting your knives from a good source, you can start picking out exactly what kind of knife is best for you. To do that, think about what you’ll be using the knife for. Determining your knife’s primary purpose will help you determine what attributes it should have.

Do you plan on using your knife when fishing, camping, or cooking? Maybe you just want a handmade knife for the cool factor, and want to put it on display in your house. Determining your reason for purchase will help you get the most out of your knife.

3. Pick Out Materials
It is important to consider what materials are going into your handmade knife. The two most important aspects are the blade material and handle material.

Blade options include 1095 Carbon, 80CRV2 Carbon, Bohler N690, A2 Tool Steel, and more. For handle material, you can get crocodile leather, maple, various colors of micarta, and more. You can do some research and see which of these materials works best for what you plan on using your custom knife for and which one is aesthetically pleasing to you.

4. Personalize Your Knife
When searching for a handmade knife for sale online, you have to pick out the type of grind, sheath, and finish that you are interested in. If you have a preference for the brand of knife, that’s something to consider as well.

You can get all of your custom knife needs at TheKnifeConnection.com. Regardless of what activities you’ll be using your knife for you can find one on their website that will fit your needs perfectly. Check out the different categories of knife types and knife accessories that they have available and take advantage of their exclusive online knife builder option as well.

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