Which of Diode Dynamics’ LED Light Pods Should You Choose?

LED light pods represent an excellent option for adding auxiliary lights to your car, Jeep, truck, ATV or other vehicles. They last longer than incandescent lights, often feature superior optics, and many of them are engineered to be more resilient in the face of the elements.

Some of them are available in easy-to-install configurations, and some producers, such as Diode Dynamics, produce LED light pods in a variety of different configurations and sizes, with unique mounts that are ideal for a wide range of applications from fog lighting to flood lighting to spotlighting. You just need to choose the right ones.

SS3 LED Light Pods
The SS3 LED Light Pods are Diode Dynamics staple offering. At just over 3 inches by 3 inches wide (in the Sport Standard configuration) these LED light pods are compact and powerful. They’re available with either a Standard, Round or Angled mount and are also available in a flush mount configuration.

These light pods are available in five different beam patterns, including an SAE Driving Pattern (18×8 degree spread), an SAE Fog Pattern (with an 80 degree spread), a Flood Pattern (with a 60×60 degree spread), a Spot Pattern and a Combo Pattern, which combines the driving and flood optics in a 65×25 degree spread.

They’re available in either warm amber or pure, cool white, and in two different power settings, SS3 Sport, Pro or Max, with light output ratings of 10,600, 11.900 and 18,000 candela, respectively.

The SSC2 LED Light Pods incorporate a lot of the features that users love about the classic SS3 LED Pods, but in a smaller package. With the same width of 3.3 inches, the SSC2 Pods are slightly shorter, at 2.5 inches of height.

These smaller light pods are available in the same five beam patterns as the SS3 LED Pods, in Sport and Pro power configurations. They are also compatible as a flush mount option, and are also available in cool white or warm amber.

Diode Dynamics’ newest contribution to their collection of LED Light Pods are their SSC2 LED Pods. These are the smallest of the bunch, at under 3 by 3 inches. They come in at 2.6 inches high by 2 inches wide.

Like the SSC2 LED Pods, these are available in Sport and Pro power settings, in white or yellow, with backlighting available in white and amber as well as red or blue, so these lights can be used as accent lights.

These smaller LED Light Pods are available in four functional beam patterns: a Flood Pattern, with a 50×50 spread, a Wide Pattern, with a 50×20 degree spread, a Fog Pattern, and a Spot Pattern, with a highly focused 7 degree spread of light, ideal for casting light far into the distance.

Contact Them for Assistance
The LED Light Pods you choose should be dictated by how you are going to use them, what vehicle you intend to mount them on, and most importantly, any size constraints you are facing. Since these differently sized LED Pods are available in several different beam patterns and power levels, their functionality is nearly interchangeable. It’s mostly a matter of size.

If you’re looking to address any questions you still have about these LED Light Pods or other quality LED light bars or lighting kits, visit Diode Dynamics online at DiodeDynamics.com. On their website, you can learn more about their different LED Pods, but you can also reach out to them by email at [email protected] or by phone at 304-205-3033.

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