White River Firecraft: Perfect for Bow Drill Fires

The best tool to bring with you on any outdoor trip to hone your survival skills is a sturdy knife that is designed for cleaning game, cutting wood or even building an impromptu shelter. A reliable knife can be a deciding factor that makes the job possible. There’s been quite a lot of companies capitalizing on the best survival knives for any outdoorsman and it can’t be denied that White River Firecraft designed by Jason Tietz is one of the most notable knife series White River Knife & Tool has released.

When talking about survival knives, a fixed blade is the best choice for camping, hunting or backpacking activities. With a fixed blade on your belt like the White River Firecraft, it is much easier to operate in any stressful situations since they have no moving parts. Which makes the risk of failure a lot smaller. With different sizes that best suit your needs, check the White River Firecraft series below.

The FC 3.5 Pro has a 3 and a half inch blade made with S35VN super steel, an overall length of 7.75 inches and a .130-inch blade thickness. It has a nice high saber grind with a beautiful fit and finish. All White River Firecraft knives are designed for heavy use in real survival situations but this knife is no exception.

The FC 3.5 has a nice and square ferro rod notch and an incredible spine that is ridiculously sharp for striking a firesteel. This sharp spine is found on every Firecraft knife. It’s got a stone wash finish, outfitted with a rugged Kydex sheath designed to be carried either vertically or horizontally.

This is the optimum survival knife with a built-in firestarter and a bow drill divot perfect for making bow drill fires. It is 9 inches overall, a four inch blade and a five inch handle which is not only enough to get a full grip on but also just a bit of wiggle room to do some alternative gripping methods. As far as the White River Firecraft FC4 blade goes, it holds an amazing edge. FC4 also has a nice jimping to provide a nice grip beyond the handle, necessary for doing push cuts. The finger groove is nice and wide so if you’re wearing a glove while handling this knife, it will fit just right.

Specialized for making fires, the White River Firecraft FC5 is sure to impress knife enthusiasts who love making fire or are interested in firecraft and outdoor survival training. The Firecraft® FC5 is a great all-around knife for camping, hiking, bushcraft and survival. It also features a divot for use with a fire bow when doing firecraft. A robust knife that can do just about anything in the wild, this knife has an overall length of 10 inches, a 5-inch blade with .158- inch thickness made from S35VN super steel.

Made with S35VN super steel, the Firecraft ® FC7 is super tough and super sharp with an ultimate grind. The simple drop point on the blade is great, for example when drilling a hole on a plank, it is strong enough to get the job done without risking the tip integrity. It has both a ferro rod and a bow divot in the handle for a bow drill which is great for starting fires in several ways. This knife has an overall length of 12 inches, a 7-inch blade and .200-inch thickness.

White River Firecraft is definitely a must have for bushcrafters who enjoy making friction fires. The Knife Connection has these knives in stock and plenty of other great knives in their online store. If you have any questions about any knives in their collection, feel free to email one of their knife experts at [email protected]

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