Why a Rifle Bolt Handle Upgrade Can Be Much More than Cosmetic

Does it seem like a rifle bolt handle or knob replacement is little more than a cosmetic adjustment to a firearm?

It isn’t, despite what some might tell you.

The fact of the matter is that you can substantially improve the handling and cycling of your rifle with an upgrade as simple and straightforward as replacing the rifle bolt handle and knob.

Here are some advantages of doing so, particularly when you use a replacement rifle bolt handle or knob from Anarchy Outdoors.

Run the Bolt More Intuitively
One of the disadvantages of shooting a bolt-action rifle is that your hand has to come off the grip to cycle between every shot. Whatever you can do to minimize the motion and decrease the overall distance your hand travels, the better.

Moreover, every shooter has his or her own quirks. Some shooters don’t appreciate having to lurch their hand forward to run the bolt. Others hate the idea of supinating their wrist to engage and run the bolt.

In some instances, some shooters might prefer only to lift their shooting hand slightly off the grip, engaging and running the bolt using only the top of their hand and their index knuckle.

Some factory bolt handles are angled too far forward and have bolt knobs that are either too small or too slick to accommodate this practice.

Replacing your rifle bolt handle or knob may be the solution.

Anarchy Outdoors produces a wide range of replacement bolt handles for many popular models machined from 416 stainless steel and with an optional nitride finish. Many of their replacement bolt handles are angled back to make it easier to reach and run them instinctively and with a shorter overall motion.

They also produce a range of compatible bolt knobs, in a variety of sizes, textures, and colors, which offer substantial upgrades to many factory bolt knobs that are too small or too slick to run in the manner described above.

Enhanced Leverage over the Bolt
An upgraded rifle bolt handle and knob combination can offer greater surface area and traction, both of which promise greater leverage when running the bolt. The greater the mechanical advantage the bolt handle and knob offer, the less force you’ll have to exert against the springs and lugs.

Why does this matter? Because the harder you need to pull on the bolt handle to cycle it, the more you’ll be minutely shifting your sights off target. The slightest adjustments to handling and cycling can have a profound impact downrange. That is, the less you need to move, the better.

This enhanced leverage also has the added benefit of decreasing cycling time, which with practice can offer you the ability to make faster follow-up shots.

There’s one more advantage to a bolt handle upgrade. As gun owners, we find it hard not to become infatuated with the prized possessions in our gun safes. We all have a favorite (or a few) and adding some quick upgrades to our favorite rifles is simply enjoyable.

The rifle bolt handles and knobs available online at Anarchy Outdoors are easy to install (in most cases, in a matter of minutes) and represent a quick, easy, affordable way to add some color and distinction to your favorite firearms without the need for a trip to a gunsmith.

More About High-Quality, American-Made Rifle Bolt Handles, and Knobs for Popular Rifles
Anarchy Outdoors produces bolt handles and knobs in various finishes, sizes, colors, and other configurations, for Ruger, Tikka, Bergara, Thompson/Center, CZ, Winchester, and other popular rifles.

Their bolt handles and knobs are made in America, backed by a 100% lifetime replacement guarantee, and are reviewed by countless shooters around the country. Visit their website (AnarchyOutdoors.com) to learn more about how you can improve your shooting experience with an easy upgrade.

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