Why Magento SEO Services Are So Critical

Magento is a particularly popular eCommerce platform. Up to 1% of all the websites on the internet are built around Magento, which sounds like a small figure, but accounts for nearly 200,000 websites. Many of these online merchants are based in the United States.

That’s a lot of competition for eCommerce businesses looking to gain the edge over their competitors through organic means, especially when you consider the other 99% of the internet – but Magento SEO services can give a business the edge.

How Is Magento Different? Is Magento SEO Friendly
One of the main differences between Magento and other popular eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce and Shopify is that Magento is not a SaaS (Software as a Service). Magento is an open-source platform.

This means that nearly anyone can access Magento’s code in order to better understand and make adjustments to their website. It sounds like a bonus, but some SaaS platforms have some SEO-friendly features built-in.

Being able to make granular adjustments to a Magento website means that Magento is SEO friendly because it can be optimized on a very finite level – that is, if the team making the adjustments is SEO savvy.

That consideration is what constitutes much of the value of Magento SEO services.

Keyword Research and Developing a Plan for Your Online Store
Like all digital marketing initiatives, successful Magento SEO services start with a plan. Any reputable SEO agency will start with keyword research and likely with an audit.

The importance of keyword research is central to the success of an SEO strategy. It lays the framework and creates a structure for content management and a wide range of on-site optimization strategies.

Many SEO companies will also suggest or perform a thorough eCommerce SEO audit for your online store. During the audit portion of the process, an SEO company will take an in-depth look at your Magento store, assessing site structure, content, domain authority, and current organic rankings.

Some audits will also closely evaluate other eCommerce websites that serve as competitors to your business to identify key areas to target strategically for growth.

Then it comes down to the granular factors that affect user experience and how your website will rank in the search results, which ultimately drives traffic to your website.

Important Points of Magento SEO Services
A Magento SEO expert will then develop an actionable plan for your eCommerce involving a number of cohesive moving parts, all of which will come together to generate higher organic rankings in the search engine results pages:

●Technical issues, including site structure and page speed: Site speed, security, and structure are all ranking signals and affect UX as well. Magento SEO services should entail a plan for optimization. Other semi-technical features such as meta titles, meta tags, image data, code, and URL structure will also likely be affected.

●Content strategy and scheduling: Quality Magento SEO services should deliver content to your website on a rolling basis, including optimized blogs of varying length, and updating, engaging category, and product page content that doubles as effective sales copy.

●Link building strategy: Magento SEO services are not complete without a link building strategy that optimized internal link structure, utilizes outbound links only as necessary, and generates a flow of juicy backlinks.

●Monitoring your website through GSC and GA: To ensure long-term success, a Magento SEO service provider will also monitor your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts for signs of success and to catch site health issues before they become real problems.

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