Why Para Ordnance Frames for Sale Are Still in Demand

When the original Colt M1911 hit the scene over a hundred years ago, it was a near-instant hit. Recoil operated, rock-solid, dependable, and most importantly – paired with a significantly more powerful cartridge than its predecessor revolvers, the M1911 was warmly received.

That welcome has not faded. In the wake of the original M1911, countless other firearms manufacturers have jumped on board and produced a number of 1911 style firearms that mimic the functionality, operation, reliability, and power of the original. The platform is so popular, in fact, that it’s not even always paired with the .45 ACP that made the 1911 (much of) what it is.

One of these manufacturers was Para USA, LLC, which replaced Para-Ordnance, a Canadian company that specialized in 1911 style pistols.

The bread and butter of the Para-Ordnance lines capitalized on the undying appeal of the 1911, and most of their popular platforms were styled accordingly. The company produced high-capacity 1911 style pistols, including single and double stack 1911 style pistols in .45 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W, and a wide range of other calibers.

The company also produced a wide range of firearm parts, including frames, slides, grips, and parts kits for a variety of models.

But here’s another fact about Para-Ordnance – Para-Ordnance, which was founded in 1985 and bought in 2012 by Para USA, was acquired by Remington in 2015. Since then, the brand has had a much smaller presence than it once did – but if that’s the case, why are parts, like Para-Ordnance frames for sale so popular?

First and foremost, Para-Ordnance pistols and parts remain popular for the very reason that they ever were popular in the first place: price.

Even today, Colt 1911 models are very expensive. New, a Colt 1911 is likely to be priced well over a $1,000 dollars. Actually, it’s more likely to be priced at around $1,500. Compare that to a Para-Ordnance pistol, which can be built fairly cheaply from a parts kit, or in good condition well below $1,000. That alone has drawn and held a crowd of fans.

Reliability and Shooting Experience
Para-Ordnance 1911 style pistols also enjoy wide popularity amongst shooters for their reliability and experience. You might expect a low-cost leader like this to produce a firearm that, while perhaps functional, was unreliable or had a stiff or gritty action. This is not the case with Para-Ordnance. Many shooters remark on the silky-smooth action of their pistols, and the overall enjoyability of shooting them.

Innovation and Options
One more reason that Para-Ordnance pistols and parts have remained popular is because of the wide range of options that Para-Ordnance has offered. They produced both single and double stack 1911-style pistols as well as the first double-action-only M1911 style pistol.

This, paired with the fact that there are so many different 1911-style pistols in their collection, chambered in a wide range of cartridges, all comes out to a fairly wide selection.

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