Why Purchasing SnapPads for Your RV Is a Priority

A lot of RVs are too hefty for their jacks, so they sink when you try to level them. There is a convenient solution for this if you’re sick of dragging around heavy wooden or plastic blocks in order to counter this problem. RV SnapPads work with all recreational vehicles and are a must-have for safety in your RV. Here, you’ll learn about these amazing RV accessories and find out if they’re worth your money.

So, What Exactly Is an RV SnapPad?
Simply put, RV SnapPads provide protection for your RV’s jacks. SnapPads are unique because they are the first and only jack pads that can be fastened permanently. Your RV’s landing gear will be more secure and protected with the help of these pads, which attach to your leveling jacks.

Advantages of Using SnapPads in Your RV
The pads will increase the footprint of your setup, making it more stable. A strong set of SnapPads can protect your jack feet, which is a benefit that is often overlooked. The following are some additional benefits:

Helps You Take Better Care of Nature
As a final ecological and monetary win, RV SnapPads are a great investment. In order to make these incredible RV accessories, US manufacturers of SnapPads primarily use tire scrap rubber.

We can save a lot of money by reusing tires, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. It is also possible to avoid the health costs that come with burning tires and the diseases that mosquitoes spread in tire dumps.

Electrical Hazard Protection
The pads are made of rubber, which helps protect them from the voltage spikes caused by thunder and lightning. These occurrences are not common, yet they do take place.

Financial Advantages
The cost of the RV’s metal jack pads is another factor in deciding whether or not to use SnapPads.

It will cost you at least $50 to replace only one of the leveling system’s foot pads. Installing the conventional foot pads requires the help of an RV tech, who may charge up to $100 an hour in labor costs. If you’re not handy, you’ll have to hire someone.

When you buy a few SnapPads, you won’t have to worry about any of that.

Preserving Parking Lot Pavement
When parking an RV on a concrete driveway or pad, the metal feet of the leveling system will create rust stains that will need to be removed. Though the cost of cleaning them is low, you will need to invest in some cleaning supplies and time.

SnapPads provide a solution to this problem.

So, Do You Need to Get SnapPads?
Absolutely, as they have a well-deserved reputation among RVers thanks to their dependability.

Users are so happy with SnapPads that they often get one as one of their first upgrades when they buy a new RV, even though it can be hard to find the right models.

The SnapPads are a unique way to keep the pads on your leveling jacks from getting damaged. There will be no need to lug around heavy blocks to place under your landing gear.

When shopping for SnapPads, be sure to check out RVUpgrades.com.

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