Why Spend the Extra Money on Carbon Fiber Composites?

In the manufacturing industry, cheaper does not always translate into long-term savings. It is always better to pay a one-off premium for pieces, tools, and materials that will retain integrity and performance for a long time, instead of paying less for things that will need to be replaced often or make you incur constant maintenance costs.

Carbon fiber composites enter this premium category as they offer several properties that affect the quality of end products made with this incredible material.

Let’s see some of the properties carbon fiber brings to the table.

Carbon Fiber Is Lightweight

Carbon is an extremely strong and durable material. Its advantage over other materials such as metal is its lightweightness, which makes it ideal for replacing vehicle frames traditionally made of heavier elements.

In the biking world, you needed titanium frames if you wanted a strong ride capable of withstanding a fair amount of abuse. Those who wanted more speed and efficiency, favored aluminum frames for lighter weight.

Carbon fiber frames provide increased durability, and they tend to be even lighter than aluminum pieces. This material´s weight to strength ratio is higher than that of steel, and long-term wear is not a matter of concern. While carbon fiber frames do break from direct impact, they can be easily repaired, keeping their performance and durability, unlike metal frames.

Carbon Fiber Is Versatile

The applications for carbon fiber composite seem to be infinite as new manufacturing processes and resins become available. Carbon fiber can be molded and machined to create thick and strong parts that can take incredible abuse and retain its properties and shape without a problem.

Carbon fiber sheets and wrap can be used to strengthen structural columns and beams. It has long been used in the automotive industry to increase speed and performance by cutting down on weight. This same principle is being extensively applied in the aerospace industry today. Small or unmanned aerial vehicles now use carbon fiber hulls and parts, increasing their payload capacity without sacrificing durability.

Carbon Fiber Looks Great

Carbon fiber composite is not restricted to capital-intensive industries.

The interior design industry is now using thin high-quality carbon fiber sheets as a decorative trim for objects that range from kitchenware to home furniture. It reflects a futuristic yet elegant feel that modern designers now crave.

Carbon fiber is also seen increasingly on high-end boats, yachts and private planes, covering instrument panels and cabinetry. When infused with UV resins, carbon fiber offer effective UV protection, making it an excellent choice for marine applications.

Accessories manufacturers create visually appealing and high-quality accessories that take full advantage of the properties of this resistant and lightweight material. You can find phone cases, cardholders, wallets, belt clips, and glasses frames, all made with carbon fiber.

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