Why Switch to a Nicotine Free Puff Bar

It’s not too difficult to see the appeal of Puff Bars, the nicotine and tobacco based disposable vape pens. They are fun to use and can make a nice addition to a relaxing day spent at home. The fact that they are disposable also helps to make them more attractive since they are so low-maintenance. You can just use one up down to the last drop of vape liquid and let it go once it is done, with no concern for recharging or vape refills. As great as they are, however, many people still seek out alternatives that have a few different things going for them. In particular, a common complaint we see people have is that they wish their Puff Bars did not contain any nicotine content whatsoever. Everyone has their own reasons, but it is pretty understandable why so many seek out nicotine free Puff Bar alternatives. It is generally a better idea to reach for nicotine free vape pens anyway, so if you are still on the fence or you are curious about nicotine free disposable vape pens, we have some thoughts you might want to consider.

No Nicotine
The biggest reason why people will look for nicotine free Puff Bar alternatives is because they want to avoid this ingredient as much as possible. Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical used in cigarettes that contributes to people becoming addicted to smoking. It is also linked to other health concerns as well, so it is a good idea to just avoid it altogether, especially if you are already struggling with smoking cigarettes and you want to cut back on your nicotine consumption.

Great Flavor Options
Often the trait that people appreciate the most from Puff Bars is the range of flavors. These vape pens give you lots of flavors to choose from, so you can have some fun experimenting with new flavors and trying out different ones every time. If this was a large part of why you became interested in this brand in the first place, you might be interested to hear that many other brands offer nicotine free vape juice in lots of exciting flavors as well, so you do not have to give up half the fun of vaping when you try out different brands. You still get the great flavors while you pass on the nicotine.

Better in the Long-Run
Anyone who expects to vape for more than just a few days should consider the long-term effects of the products they are using. If you want to vape for an extended period of time, you should definitely stick to using nicotine free Puff Bar options and skip out on nicotine for all that time. The longer you use nicotine, the more likely you are to become addicted to it unfortunately.

Regardless of which type of vaping device you choose, it is good to know what your options are and what every type of product has to offer. Nicotine free vape pens are generally the better choice because they allow you to enjoy the vaping experience much more freely without the underlying concern of forming an addiction to the ingredient. Instead of stocking up on Puff Bars, you might want to look for good nicotine free Puff Bar alternatives like the disposable vape pens from cyclonepods.com. These are really great vape products because they essentially check all the boxes of having lots of great flavors, being easy to use, relatively affordable, and of course, nicotine free. You should check these ones out the next time you are craving some Puff Bars, but want something without the harmful effects of nicotine. They are available online in different sizes so you can choose based on how long you want your vape pen to last.

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