Why You Should Absolutely Get the Clown Bike You Always Wanted

This is our message to anyone out there who has ever wanted a clown bicycle of their own, but never fulfilled that dream. This is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

Never Too Late to Learn
We all have our own dreams as kids of the things we wanted to do, with some ideas being more realistic than others. While we might not be able to jump into our favorite cartoons or spontaneously develop superpowers, we can still do some other fun things like learn to play the kazoo like a proper musician or ride a clown bike as if we have a show in ten minutes. Unfortunately, we let go of many of these fantasies at a young age, even if the ideas are actually pretty achievable (not so much the superpowers though). But we do not always have to say no to the things we wanted to do just because time has passed. Riding a clown bike or a unicycle is not exclusive to children. In fact, the first people you ever saw riding them were probably adults trying to entertain people of all ages. Our best years do not have to end with our teens or even our twenties. We can get so much more out of life if we just learn to try new things whenever we want and not let our age get in the way of it. If you couldn’t learn how to do something as a kid, you can still give yourself the freedom to do so as an adult. It might take some practice, but the only way you can ride around on a clown bike is if you take the steps to learn.

You’re a Clown Yourself, in the Best Way Possible
Even if you see yourself as a serious adult who takes care of their responsibilities, you can still be a bit of a goofball at the same time. There is no shame in that at all. As long as you are responsible and serious when you need to be, you can act like a goof in your free time. You do not need to say goodbye to all the fun in your life just because you hold down a job or have business to take care of. You should still have the freedom to do what you want and get some laughs in wherever you can. At least as an adult, you don’t have to ask for your parents’ permission to get a clown bike or a unicycle. You can give yourself a good laugh by picking one up on a whim whenever you feel like it could be a lot of fun. If you know that this is what you want and that you would have a lot of fun riding around on a tiny bike, then you should just own up to your goofy side and say yes to having a sense of humor. Just imagine your neighbors watching you ride down the block in your new little clown bike. Just embrace the clowniness.

To fulfill your clown dreams, you can get a clown bike of your own and start riding around until you get the hang of things. The shop unicycle.com has some excellent options for tiny bikes and unicycles that you should check out whenever you are ready to go full clown.

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