Why You Should Visit a Physical Headshop Near You

Headshops exist for one main reason: to improve our smoking experience. We can always roll a joint if we have the skills of an expert roller, otherwise, we’ll just be wasting product and that’s no good. If you walk into a head shop and don’t feel a certain rush that makes you all giddy and excited, squandering an opportunity to feel what’s meant to be felt in a fine headshop near you. With the increasing popularity of online shopping, having your favorite glass pipes delivered to your doorstep, still cannot compare to the exhilarating experience of gazing at the fine pieces of art that are the various glass pipes, bongs, and dab rigs on display.

There are many reasons why you should visit a physical headshop near you. For starters, you get to support a local shop and you also get to be a contributor for the business to thrive. If the business thrives, it only means one thing: a cool hangout place. As you may well know, everybody likes coffee but not everyone likes to smoke. Anyone can hang out at a coffee house, but not everyone can dare hang out at a headshop. Thus, having a local headshop means, you get to hang in a place where you are understood and where people know what you’re there for. Also, if ever you need a case of bongs for a party, you can always head to the nearest headshop in your area. You not only pay for any shipping fee, but you might also get some freebies on the spot for the size of purchase you got.

Another thing, have you ever purchased something from the internet, and when it came, it looked nothing like you saw from the pictures? The famous expectation vs. reality, that’s right. When you visit a physical headshop near you, you can be certain that you’re getting what you paid for. It’s also a different experience when you’re able to have a feel for things before you pay for them. That way, you know if they feel right in your hands or not. You’re also able to see some cracks or minor defects which is not possible when you order your piece online. What’s even worse is if you order an expensive piece and they arrive with cracks because of how the courier handled the package carelessly.

If you’re new to the smoking scene and you want to try out a piece you can smoke out of, there are always helpful staff who can recommend the best stuff that would fit your capability. Being a novice smoker, it is understood that you still have no idea where to begin and what gear is suitable for your experience. The headshop’s staff is there to guide you and give you the best options possible. You might think, what if they lie to you just so they can make a sale, right? Well, if you purchased your glass pipe from the nearest headshop, you can confront them with how you felt.

If you’re located in the Fort Lauderdale area, you might want to visit The Hip Cat Smoke Shop. They also have another shop somewhere around Pompano Beach which you can always visit in time when you need a glass pipe fix.

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