Wood Crib With Changing Table: Yay or Nay?

You’re about to start the journey of sleepless nights and days. The only good thing going on in your life right now is the excitement of finally seeing your baby’s face for the first time after nine months of carrying it around in your womb. It’s time to think about whether you should just get a Pack ‘n Play or think big and get that wood crib with changing table you’ve been eyeing to finish the look of your cozy nursery.

Designing a nursery for your baby is a fun and exciting experience especially for new moms, but it can also be disconcerting, especially if you don’t know which things to buy first. Waiting for the arrival of your baby can be both thrilling and fun. Mothers tend to focus more on designing the baby’s space once it arrives—comfortable and pleasant to the eyes.

There are so many things to plan and really think about when it comes to convenience and safety. However, having a new baby means, putting safety first of all.

Why choose a wood crib with changing table?

Stable Design
A wooden baby crib is much sturdier than a camping crib or a Pack ‘n Play. It is made of wood so it’s more stable and solid. There are so many designs of a wooden crib and you might want to pick one that also converts four ways from a full-size crib to a toddler bed, to a daybed, to a full-size bed. Most wooden baby cribs have adjustable levels for the benefit of new moms especially those that just had a c-section who does not want to bend all the time while caring for the baby. You won’t be throwing your money away with this purchase as a type of furniture grows with the baby too.

Wouldn’t you want everything to be well within your reach? As a new mom, you have lots of things to do all at once, and doing a diaper change at a whole other table, several times a day, seven days a week is already a waste of time. Not to mention, impractical. Having a wood crib with changing table means having everything in one place.

Recovering from Caesarian Sections
Coming home from the hospital with incisions is really painful. Bending over every time your baby cries is not a very nice experience and if you’re not careful, you might tear your stitches. You don’t want to be stitched again, do you? Nope. You’re going to want a changing area that is attached to the crib and is convenient for you so you won’t have to bend so much when changing the baby’s nappies. A sturdy wood crib with changing table that’s just right for your height can do great things for a recovering mother.

Being a frugal mom is being practical.
It’s not just about pretty things alone, it’s the convenience with a budget-friendly factor. You have to be wiser with your spending habits all the more now that you have a new life relying on you. Purchasing things that are more practical rather than pretty is the way to go. But this does not mean you can’t find pretty and inexpensive stuff for your baby’s nursery.

You still are, a new mom.

But buying separate things when you can buy them all-in-one combo at a much cheaper price is not managing your shopping budget wisely.

There are so many wooden cribs out there that are practically designed to grow with your baby. When no longer in use, the detachable changer can easily be repurposed as a dresser or nightstand. If you’re looking for one with quality design and are inclined with safety standards, check out Kids N Cribs for more crib ideas and other baby stuff you might need.

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