Cool Uses for a Black Light UV LED Bulb

Commercially, many UV light bulbs are UVC bulbs that are used for sanitizing food preparation surfaces, sterilizing medical equipment, treating wastewater, and other similar purposes. Because these types of UV lights emit harmful UVC radiation, they can be used to sterilize a variety of different tools, equipment, and surfaces. Care […]

Is BTMS 50 a Safe and Vegan Ingredient?

Finding high-quality vegan ingredients for soaps and shampoos can be tough, especially if you don’t have any prior experience. Many chemical compounds and other ingredients that you would assume would be safe and vegan, aren’t in reality. This can make it challenging to put together formulas that align with your […]

A Quick Look at Spot Drills

Spot drills are compact tools that are easy to overlook, but they serve an important purpose in any machine shop. These little cutting tools are important for drilling holes with extreme accuracy, a task that can be difficult when milling. What makes drilling such a risky procedure when it comes […]