7 Best Dresses to Wear to a Wedding Party

Wedding season is almost upon us, which means you might want to start looking for the best dresses for wedding parties! Whether you are attending a wedding for your closest friend or an acquaintance, you’ll need to be dressed to the nines all the while being sure to cater to the provided dress code.

That is truly a tough balancing act to achieve! However, that’s what we are here to help you with today. We have created this list of the seven best dresses to wear to a typical formal wedding party so you’ll simultaneously have an outfit that matches the wedding’s dress code and makes you look truly sensational (and maybe even steal some attention from the bride and groom!).

1. The Wedding Guest Dress

This is The Wedding Guest Dress to wear to any wedding you attend! This maxi dress boasts a stunning floral swirl that’s accentuated with shimmering sequins throughout. The thin cami straps offer excellent comfort and an undeniable flirty flair.

It isn’t without its sexy attributes, however, as it is also backless and offers a high side split to properly show off your luscious legs! This elegantly curve-loving dress is without a doubt the dress to wear as a wedding guest!

2. Bella Satin Maxi Dress

Is there really anything more luxurious than soft satin? This Bella Satin Maxi Dress is the perfect fashion piece for accentuating your unique body while also looking (and feeling) perfect for a wedding party. This maxi dress features a square neckline, stunning ubiquitous olive green color, and bowtied spaghetti straps. It also comes with a flirty side slit for you to show off your luscious legs!

This dress cinches at the waist to appropriately hug your curves then elegantly flairs out from there to the floor. Is it really any wonder that it’s referred to as the “Bella?”

3.Purple Sequin Maxi Dress

If you’re looking for a truly dazzling maxi dress option, then look no further than the Purple Sequin Maxi Dress. This purple dress features a deep V-neck, is sleeveless, and even has adjustable spaghetti straps (for comfortability and convenience). It is also open back, which is an unequivocal sexy attribute!

This majestic dress hugs your curves, illuminating them in the perfect way, before lightly flaring at your feet. This dress will be your favorite PIC at any wedding party (sorry, wedding date!).

4.Ruffle Sequin Mini Dress

Are you looking for a mini dress style instead that boasts shimmering sequins? Then you should certainly consider wearing this Ruffle Sequin Mini Dress to your next wedding!

This light blue mini dress has a tantalizing one-shoulder neckline and a single long sleeve (in this case, one is better than two!). There is even an attention-grabbing ruffle strewing from one side of the bust to the one-shoulder on this dress. Form-fitting, glistening, and unique style– can you think of any better trio in a guest’s wedding dress?

5.Natasha Single-Sleeve Sequin Maxi Dress

We would be remiss to talk about single-sleeved sequin dresses and not mention the Natasha Single-Sleeve Sequin Maxi Dress! With its thigh-high side slit, one bell sleeve, and plunging neckline, you will really stand out at any wedding party! Its sequin design is one of true captivation, as is its color, which can be emerald green, ruby red, pink, black, or silver!

6.Ocean Blue Maxi Dress

Make waves at the wedding party when wearing this Ocean Blue Maxi Dress. It has an enamoring sleeveless design and a one-shoulder neckline. The cutout waist perfectly complements any body type, as does the sexy thigh-high side slit. Plus, the waist cutout has delicate sequins to further accentuate your waist and overall appearance.

7.Scarlet Sweetheart Mini Dress

Steal hearts with this black Scarlet Sweetheart Mini Dress! This easy-to-love mini dress features enamoring ruffled details throughout, an off-shoulder neckline, and an open back. This dress hugs your every curve, really making you the center of attention (make way, bride and groom!).

Now it’s time to prepare for wedding season by shopping for these stunning dresses! Head on over to shopUNIQUES.com to find the most high-quality and gorgeous dresses for a wedding party available – and find the perfect dress (or dresses) for the season!

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