Look Equally Classic and Stylish with Blue Fox Fur

Genuine fur has never been less sophisticated and fashion-forward. Even your grandmother’s fur heirloom can still be in vogue today provided you wear the right shoes and other accessories maybe. You see, fur, of any type will always be timeless and will never be a part of plastic-derived fast fashion. It is nature’s gift through animals to keep humans warm during the most dreaded season of the year—winter. And if soon your priced fur will finally meet its end, it will weather away naturally without hurting our precious planet. Those are just a couple of ethical things on why you should invest in a genuine piece of fur. The other part where you will absolutely look stunning and elegant is just the icing on the cake.

Stunning Fox Fur
You should know by now that there are different types of furbearers coming from various regulated fur farms. And one of the most stunning ones is foxes, especially blue fox fur. Fox fur coats despite their beauty are surprisingly more affordable than mink fur because of the number of pelts required to make one whole coat. With mink, it will need at least 30-35 pelts before a furrier can make one whole coat out of it. Minks are also very particular with their diets, which have made them extra expensive to raise on the farm. For fox furs, a furrier will only need 4-8 pelts which ultimately makes them a more slightly affordable fur and a very fashionable one at that. It is so eye-catching and would make your whole outfit look elegant especially if you choose the blue ones.

Fox Fur Types
Most fox fur nowadays hail all the way from Russia with silver and Platina being one of the common natural colors or types of fur. They are also highly valued as compared to red fox fur. This industry, as you may have observed by now, revolves around the color of the fur, the fullness and density of the underfur, and last but not least, the softness of guard hair. While fashion designers love to dye these furs in overblown colors to add a bit of flair to the fur, still, nothing can beat their natural colors.

Blue fox fur is commonly found in Scandinavia, they are much affordable compared to its Shadow Blue Fox and Silver fox pelts counterparts. If you’re struggling to find the best fox fur color for you, you need not worry too much about this as they come in many natural colors. And it doesn’t stop only at red and blue. In fact, there still are a few colors we haven’t discussed including black fox, which is absolutely perfect for evening formal occasions. And silver fox, which is a color combination of black and white.

Where To Get One
You may think it would be best that you buy a black fox fur coat or a silver fox jacket so you’ll be able to radiate an air of elegance in a room full of affluent people. But how regularly are you going to attend such events? Perhaps you would like best to choose the one color that stays in the middle of things. One that will make you look classic all week as well as bring out a sense of opulence from you when need be. If we’ve hit the right spot, then you should go ahead and purchase your beautiful blue fox fur jacket from Maximilian where all fur garments are handmade with years of experience and love for all that’s genuine. Get your fox furs from Maximilian today and perhaps throw in a few fox fur accessories too!

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