Looking For an Alternative to Macy’s Fur Vault? Start Here

Fur coats, jackets, and accessories are loved for their beautiful style and unparalleled value. When it comes to keeping warm during the colder months or simply looking fashionable anytime of the year, can you really beat the look and cozy feel of a fur?

However, in order to ensure that your furs are properly cared for, it’s important to store them properly. You may already be familiar with Macy’s Fur Vault, but also understand that these services have been phased out. If you want to maximize the longevity of your furs, it’s worth looking into alternatives.

This short resource will help you see why it’s crucial to care for your fur garments correctly and where you can go to have your furs stored properly now that Macy’s isn’t an option.

Why It’s Vital to Care For Your Furs Properly
Despite the fact that furs are stylish and naturally effective at keeping out the cold, like many kinds of natural fabrics and textiles, you have to care for them properly.

In order to ensure that your fur coats and other garments last as long as possible, they should be stored under the proper conditions. Very often, these conditions aren’t present in our homes. High humidity and damp conditions in general can actually cause pelts to rot.

On top of this, you can’t solve the problem by simply slipping your fur into a plastic bin or bag. Furs need to be properly aerated, they need to be able to breathe. Even a little bit of improper storage can make furs musky and can damage their integrity. Prolonged exposure to moisture can actually ruin a fur completely, which is why fur storage is so important and sought after. Most of us simply don’t have the ability to store furs properly in our own homes for lengthy periods of time, especially if you reside in certain parts of the country that are exceptionally humid.

This is why if you have found that the Macy’s Fur Vault is no longer an option, you should take the time to find a suitable replacement that can meet your needs and keep your furs in great shape!

Maximilian Fur Storage Services
One of the leaders when it comes to luxury fur coats and other quality fur garments, Maximilian also offers reliable fur storage that you can take advantage of if you want your furs properly cared for in a climate-controlled environment. They are experts in the world of furs and are known for their high degree of quality in everything they do.

Don’t risk ruining your furs when you can store them properly with Maximillian. If you have any questions about this process, you can contact them at 800-TLC-FURS, or stop by one of their convenient locations.

Remember, if you are concerned about keeping your furs in perfect condition, it’s completely worth the investment to find a replacement for the Macy’s Fur Vault. You will find that Maximilian’s services will meet all of your needs and keep your furs nice and dry.

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