Pistol Wear’s PT-2 Sets the Bar for Women’s Gun Holsters for Running

It’s hard to find a well-designed running holster for women, especially since many of the holsters that have been designed for women are not particularly suitable for physical activities. Pistol Wear, however, breaks this mold with its collection of practical, no-nonsense holsters.

The PT-2 Concealment Holster, available at PistolWear.com, is the result of a concerted effort to create a better concealment holster and one that is ideally suited for individuals who live an active lifestyle, including women.

The design of this holster, which might rightly be called a women’s gun holster for running, takes its design and inspiration largely from the original fitness holster design, Pistol Wear’s PT-ONE Concealment Holster. They share many of the same features.

Like the PT-ONE, the PT-2 is styled somewhat after a belly band holster, but is constructed from premium materials and showcases extraordinary quality craftsmanship. It can be worn inside or outside the waistband, but when worn inside the waistband, it provides a number of significant advantages for both men and women who practice concealed carry.

Also, like the PT-ONE, the PT-2 is compatible with both casual and athletic apparel, making it ideal for runners. It is also a well-designed running holster because when it is properly worn, it will not bounce, roll, or shift. These conditions are not only uncomfortable but can reveal the fact that you are carrying a firearm and can be difficult to rectify in a public outdoor setting.

The PT-2 is designed with several features that help enable it to eliminate printing. First, the PT-2 fully encloses the firearm in the compartment and contains a semi-rigid outer wall. Not only does this feature help prevent printing, but it also protects the firearm as well. The holster’s slim profile and lines assist in cutting back on outlining and printing of the firearm.

Since it is smaller than the PT-ONE Concealment Holster, the PT-2 might rightly be called a women’s gun holster for running; it was designed to accommodate the needs of smaller-framed individuals. As a purpose-built holster for running, it’s well suited to the task.

While the PT-2 is a thoughtfully designed holster for runners, women firearm owners who are interested in carrying a gun for self-defense but are not as invested in a holster’s fitness for athletic activities might find more appeal in Pistol Wear’s Lady Defender Concealment Holster instead.

The Lady Defender Concealment Holster was Pistol Wear’s first concealment holster specifically designed for women shooters. While it is not specifically designed to accommodate the athletic needs of runners, joggers, and bikers, it features the exemplary craftsmanship that is customary of Pistol Wear’s products.

The Lady Defender is most suitable with casual and professional attire and has been designed to accommodate subcompact handguns less than six and a half inches in total length. It can also be worn around the middle, under the left arm, or at the side of the torso, and has been thoughtfully accented with lace as well. If you are carrying something other than a subcompact handgun, Pistol Wear’s Trump Card line of holsters shares many of the same features as the Lady Defender and can accommodate a wider range of firearms depending on the model you select.

To learn more about either of these options in concealed carry holsters for women shooters, visit Pistol Wear at PistolWear.com, e-mail [email protected], or contact their customer service team at 1-918-289-2976.

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