Which Long Coat With Fur Collar Is Perfect For Me

We all want to look exceptionally chic and posh whenever we don a great long coat with a fur collar that highlights the supermodel in us. Long coats are the timeless coat pieces in the history of outerwear including trench coats. They’re not only perfect to wrap you up in the cold weather, they are also great for making anyone wearing them look smart and undoubtedly sleek.

Check out these collections of long coats with fur collars we have in store for you.

With long coats, you can either dress down underneath it or go full-on smart casual, whatever you might feel like wearing that day—a long coat would never disappoint. Take a close look at this Leather Coat With Detachable Fox Collar, it’s the best long coat for when you want to look put together with a hint of utter sophistication and panache. Any neutral monotony is great underneath but you might want to opt with the big three, white, black, and beige to really enhance the elegant silhouette this leather coat has.

Are you the type of working woman who does not want to waste every opportunity that comes her way? It would be great if you show up to the office looking fine, driven, commanding, and precise like Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada and go out on a quick nightcap before heading home after a long, and demanding day at work like Andy. Both women are the embodiment of a strong independent woman who knows what she wants and who looks good wearing this Reversible Rabbit Coat With Fox Trim Hood.

Are you the self-sufficient type of woman who kind of knows who she is even at a pretty young age like Margot Tenebaum was in the movie, The Royal Tenenbaums? You can either subtly strut in either a Sheared Mink Reversible Coat in brown or a Chevron Sable Coat and look aspirationally moneyed. Both women’s coats are great with a camel or beige monotony underneath. And if you want to jazz it up a bit, you can always wear a Sable Trimmed Hat in either grey or camel colors.

Perhaps the character you channel the most is that of a very proud and refined woman like Lily van der Woodsen from the TV series Gossip Girl—who seemed so well put together and in control. A Shearling Lamb Coat in jet suede is perfect for a busy and strong woman like you are.

Regardless of which movie character you are trying to epitomize, the quality of any long coats or jackets should come first. These garments are not only out to last for a really long time, but they also exist for you to feel confident in every move you make.

Where Can I Get A Long Coat With Fur Collar

Maximilian is the place that has been known to store in their collection an incredible collection of timeless fur pieces that are not only heirloom material but are also excellent in providing warmth and style to anyone who wears them. Visit their website or call 800-TLC-FURS for inquiries.

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