3 Types of Wholesale Bakery Packaging You Need

In order to deliver your delicious baked goods to the customers, you will need the right packaging to store them in first. There are a few types of products you will want to add to your list when purchasing wholesale bakery packaging that should be considered essentials. With that being said, let’s get right into things and list off some of the bakery packagings you need.

1. Assorted Plastic Containers
One of the first types of products you will need to get for your bakery is plastic containers. You need an assortment of containers in different shapes and sizes in order to comfortably fit any particular product you need them for. Cupcakes, for example, will need their own cupcake trays that will securely hold each of the dozen or half dozen cakes you have in your order. If your business offers single cupcakes in individual containers, then you will need some for those as well. Cakes will also need their own containers that will fit their sizes, so it is good to double-check all of your measurements to make sure that you are purchasing the correct orders in bulk before you make your order of wholesale bakery packaging. Aside from cakes, you could also use plastic containers to hold any other type of baked goods you offer, but you might also want to switch over to bakery boxes for some orders.

2. Bakery Boxes
When you do not want to use plastic containers, you can instead use paper bakery boxes, which generally give off a different feeling. They are more reminiscent of that classic bakery style we are familiar with from film and television. They are great for delivering a larger order of various treats like donuts, cannoli, and different pastries. You also want to keep these as an option when shopping for wholesale bakery packaging, considering how much space they can save when unfolded and how versatile they are in their simplicity. They can also be used to hold cakes and cupcakes just as plastic containers would. You will just want to use inserts to create special dividers for the cupcakes to sit safely. Aside from that, bakery boxes are highly versatile, affordable, and give off a beautiful impression.

3. Paper & Plastic Bags
Finally, you want to add some paper and plastic bags to your shopping list. These are important for any take-out orders, large or small. Paper bags are great to have for your daily orders of one or two treats, and larger plastic bags are useful for orders that have more products or simply weigh more. As with the rest of your wholesale bakery packaging, shop for the right amount of bags in the right sizes.

All of these products above are essentials to a bakery. They securely hold your products in place and allow your customers to take their products home with complete confidence that everything will be in great condition, just as it was when it left the kitchen. Since these are such important components to a bakery, you want to make sure that you are always well-supplied with an assortment of boxes, bags, and containers to house your baked goods. Shop for all the wholesale bakery packaging you need at stovercompany.com in one order and prepare your shop for the next busy season.

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