Ideas for Working with Bulk Candy Melts

While looking for some inspiration for new ideas of how to decorate your baked goods, you may have stumbled across large packs of bulk candy melts. These colorful wafers are a great tool for easily decorating baked goods in any number of vivid colors. They are candy compounds in the form of wafers that are first melted down and then used in their liquid form in a bowl or piping bag to create designs and decorations. If the bright colors lured you in, you should take a look at some of the ways these candy wafers can help you in the kitchen. Just for reference, here are a few things you can do with your bulk candy melts in assorted colors.

Candy Dip
This first idea for decorating with bulk candy melts is an incredibly easy way to completely transform the treats you are working with. Melt your wafers in a double boiler or the microwave and use it as a dip for any of your treats and baked goods. The candy melts will harden, leaving you with a candy-coated confection that keeps its flavor underneath intact, just with a little extra sweetness. You can really use this method for just about anything, so look around your kitchen for items that seem like they do not offer much in terms of decoration and consider what a candy coating could do to brighten them up and add some fun color for any season, holiday, or event. Try this out with cake pops, pretzels, or fresh baked cookies. You can dip the treats halfway into the melted wafers, or you can go all the way with it and entirely submerge your treats into the colored candy.

Swirls & Drizzles
Another way to utilize your bulk candy melts in the kitchen is to create loose designs of swirls over your baked goods. In its melted state, you can either pour your candy wafers into a piping bag to gain more control or leave it in a bowl and manipulate it using a spoon or fork. It’s as simple as drizzling some of the melted wafers onto your baked goods to create swirl patterns and drizzles. As it dries, it will harden down into its shape, so you do not have to worry about it melting off or smudging.

Candy Decorative Toppers
You could also take advantage of candy wafers’ ability to harden by turning them into decorative toppers for any of your baked goods. Pour some out into candy molds to create a particular shape and use that as a cute, edible topper for some of your cakes and cupcakes. You could also pour them out onto a sheet pan and peel them off using a vegetable peeler to create these fun little curls that can go on top of any birthday cake.

You can stock up on assorted colors of bulk candy melts from different brands at They are a bakery supplies wholesaler that has a huge selection of decorating supplies that you might want to check out in addition to your candy melts. Pick up all the candy melts you want and start experimenting with them right away to see all of the things you can do with this versatile candy.

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