Things You Need When Decorating Cakes For Your Business

Learn how to properly decorate a cake for all the celebrations that await you in the future. While it’s not as easy as it sounds, there are actually uncomplicated ways to decorate a cake. Taking the complicated path by adding fancy flowers and pretty piping does not seem exactly simple if you have just started doing this recently. Whether it is for a birthday or an anniversary cake, you want personalized, or a business you are highly interested in to venture out, here are some tips to get you started decorating cakes.

The Right Tools
Now, while a pinch of skill is needed in decorating cakes, getting started with the appropriate tools could get you miles from where you are now. Let us begin with a nice cake turntable to let you spin the cake you wanted to decorate. You have to invest in a cake turntable so you can decorate the cake standing straight and not straining your back.

You also need a serrated knife to make a smooth, clean-cut to level your cake without making any cracks in it. Another tool you must have is an offset spatula to spread batter into an even layer in a cake pan or frosting the cake. You need this to be a certain length away from the cake so that frosting doesn’t get on your knuckles. You can unintentionally ruin a cake this way.

Use Canned Frostings
Canned frostings are great for when you want to save time and expenses in making a nice vanilla buttercream frosting instead of starting from scratch and waste a lot of supplies and ingredients if ever you don’t get the proper mixture right the first time. Also, definitely order bulk cake decorating supplies to save money in shipping fees and include bulk canned frostings since you’ll be needing this in almost all of your cake decorations.

And Then, Garnishments
Make sure pastry bags are included in your bulk cake decorating supplies. To easily write fun messages on the cake, use a good quality piping gel. Much of the cakes’ beautification come from these babies to create a wide variety of figures and designs. Fill the bag with frosting, flip the folded edges back up, twist them, and pipe! Garnishing makes the cake look good and adds flair to a plain cake, so you might want to stock up on your design ideas and pour them into those pastry bags then, sprinkle with love and sugar.

Do not shy away from trial and error. If you don’t get it the first time, then, by all means, try again! This means your bulk purchase of cake decorating materials is really put into good use. There still are a lot of cake decorating tools that might have not been mentioned in this blog. For more ideas and supplies you might need for decorating cakes, check out Stover & Company or visit their website for your decorating needs and a whole lot more!

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